Trump: I’m Running in 2024 – “We Have To Take Care of This Country”

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Trump confirms to Sean Hannity he is running again in 2024

Former President Donald Trump has given his biggest hint to-date about his plans to run for president again in 2024 to fight the “evil” Democrats trying to ruin America.

Trump made the bombshell revelation during a Fox News town hall hosted by Sean Hannity on Wednesday night.

“I have to ask, where are you in the process of,” Hannity began before asking, “Without giving the answer what the answer is, have you made up your mind?”

“Yes,” Trump firmly responded.

“It’s not that I want to,” Trump added. “The country needs it. We have to take care of this country. It isn’t fun, fighting constantly, fighting always.” reports: Trump has never publicly revealed whether he will run for president in 2024.

Even before he lost the 2020 presidential race, Trump claimed that he would lose due to an unprecedented conspiracy of voter fraud.

A late-May poll from Quinnipiac University found that 66 percent of Republican voters would like Trump to run in 2024. Only 30 percent opposed the idea.

The same poll found that 85 percent of Republican voters wanted future GOP candidates to agree with Trump on policy issues.


  1. Look I be watched azlot if elections and I iniw that all if a sudden here half the channels stopped covering tbe results just switched to regular programnes, and the remaining ones just ,all of them together, suddenly started chatting about the weather and golf and TV shows and rubbish Just like that they were all if to act as if it was all over when it was nowhere near iver at all and Trump had been looking very strong .But just like that everything changed completely .I inew something REALLY suspicious had gone down ,even texted a friend a WTF message ? Did you see that ? WTF !!!! .I wasnt born yesterday

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