Antifa Insurrectionists Set Fire to Federal Courthouse With People Inside

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Antifa Insurrectionists set fire to federal courthouse while people are inside

A group of violent Antifa insurrectionists stormed a U.S. federal courthouse in Portland on Thursday night, starting fires while people were inside.

Video shows Antifa terrorists smashing windows, spraying grafitti, and settings fires with police nowhere to be seen.

Department of Homeland Security agents were forced to respond to the attack on the Mark O. Hatfield Federal Courthouse, The Oregonian reported.

Far-left insurrectionists told reporters they attacked because federal officials removed the physical barriers that had been protecting the courthouse since July.

According to journalist Andy Ngo, there were people inside the courthouse at the time that Antifa started the fires. reports: “Demonstrators also cited the recent dismantling of protections in front of the courthouse and proceedings in the case of a former Minneapolis police officer charged in George Floyd’s death as reasons they were protesting Thursday night,” the article states quoting journalist Suzette Smith.

Video’s tweeted by KOIN CBS6 journalist Jennifer Dowling show the violent attacks on the courthouse. In the videos, there are no signs of a Portland police.

Federal Protective Services officials responsible for protecting the courthouse made an announcement ordering people to leave the property.

Department of Homeland Security agents deployed to enforce control of the scene and began making arrests.

Federal agents pushed back the crowd on at least three separate efforts and they attempted to secure the building, The Oregonian added. Videos indicate the arrest of multiple people.

Independent journalist Bethany Kerley showed actions by federal agents to move the crowd away from the courthouse.

Journalist Grace Morgan tweeted an image showing a graffiti mural proclaiming “New President — Same Imperialism.”

More protests are slated for Friday in the Pearl District, KOIN6 reports. “Robert King, the mayor’s senior public safety adviser, said the group spearheading recent protests is made up of ‘self-described anarchists,’” the article states.

“Protest is fine, that’s not what we’re talking about,” PPB Deputy Chief Chris Davis told the local CBS affiliate. “With this group, this is a small group that is bent on destroying things. And what they want is a conflict. My advice is — don’t give them a conflict.”

However, no videos appear to show a Portland Police Bureau presence at the Thursday night riot.

Breitbart News reached out to Portland Police Bureau officials for information about the department’s apparent lack of response to criminal activity in their city.

PPB Sergeant Kevin Allen responded that their officers made one arrest at an incident outside the federal courthouse that occurred earlier in the day. “I’m trying to confirm any other involvement we had in any other disturbance,” he added.


  1. What we are seeing is a Marxist Color Revolution right here on the streets of America. And as evidenced by the previous article . The National Guard which consists of many of our Sons and Daughters are being used by the Marxist to complete the Coup that started on Nov. 3 to overthrow the Government. Such a dilemma will end much the same way it did in Nazi Germany in 1939 to 1945. A Society will only tolerate so much Totalitarianism before it rebels with extreme prejudice. Which is evidenced by the gun and ammo sales Nation Wide right now.

  2. Remember this is not a crime if they did this during daytime, only at night will it be considered a crime.

  3. Well .What can obe say .? We know the court system is not any good We know how they aided and abetted the stolen ek2ction We know the Courts were guilty of making slavery legal of punishing escapees and so on .We know the legal system has been guilty of the MOST evil crimes against humanity of ANY BODY ever to exist on earth We know absolute power corrupts absolutely We know the Court is called that because, in effect ,the Judge is as if Sovereign over his Dominions ” they’re all in it together ” Princess Dianna deceased

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