Kew Gardens to Tell Visitors How Racist Its Plants Are: ‘These Flowers Are White Supremacist’

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Kew Gardens to tell visitors how racists its plants really are

Kew Gardens in London is going to begin informaing visitors about how racist certain plants are.

No, this is NOT satire.

The Royal Botanic Gardens, funded by the UK government, is set to “change display boards for plants such as sugar cane – previously harvested by slaves – to highlight their ‘imperial legacy’”, according to reports.

According to Kew director Richard Deverell, the ‘woke’ new policy is part of an effort to “move quickly to decolonise collections.”

The policy change occurred after managers at Kew consulted with Ajay Chhabra, “an actor with an insight into how sugar cane was linked to slavery.” reports: This is yet another capitulation to woke mobs who are trying to subvert the United Kingdom and make its population ashamed of their heritage and birthright, despite the fact that Britain was the first major country in the world to end slavery.

Brits like William Wilberforce literally risked their lives to travel to the colonies and free slaves.

The purpose of activist efforts to push for “decolonisation” is actually just reverse cultural colonisation by the woke mob.

Tory MP Sir John Hayes responded to the announcement by saying he would look into public funding of Kew Gardens.

“This is preposterous posturing by people who are so out of touch with the sentiment of patriotic Britain,” said Hayes.

“This is typically bourgeois liberal arrogance which is ill-fitting of people that get public funding,” he added.

Kew Gardens is by no means the first public attraction in the UK to go woke.

The National Trust also vowed to continue an investigation into the “contentious history of its properties,” one such example being Winston Churchill’s former home, Chartwell, simply because Churchill once held the post of Secretary of State for the Colonies.

Statues in major cities are also under threat of being removed, with London Mayor Sadiq Khan overseeing a “commission to review and improve diversity across London’s public realm to ensure the capital’s landmarks suitably reflect London’s achievements and diversity.”


  1. My favorite satirical response to cancel culture was provided last October by John Lennon’s son Sean Ono Lennon. He tweeted:: “The Pyramids of Giza were made under coercion from evil Pharaohs who were not very woke. I think we can all agree the Pyramids should be torn down immediately.” And, “Since the invasion of Britain by Emperor Julius Caesar in 55 B.C., Italy has remained deafeningly silent. I think it’s time Italy was held accountable.”

  2. Just like the anti semitic propaganda they ran to rob the Jews Because they were rich because they work hard and are careful and sensible with their money Its just like that Propaganda And Obombo made it legal for the government corporations and private to propagandist the public including the education departments .And now we can see that it too came form no doubt ,the Royal or Imperial colleges or Oxford And they will BE BRAINWASHING little school kiddies with that propaganda as nice miss goidy tale s the little tots on their educational tour of Kew Quite compulsory to be sure ,to be sure

      • Miss Goody was the teacher at the Catholic College my little sister attended .She was from the Goody family known for Dr Goody in particular and of course Bishop Goody .

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