ISIS Release Russian Beheading Video

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ISIS release new beheading video with Russian victim

ISIS militants have released a new video on Wednesday targeting Russia. 

The video, entitled “You Shall be Disappointed and Humiliated O Russians,” shows a23-year-old Chechen spy being beheaded on camera, who confesses on camera to passing along information to Moscow from Syria and Iraq about the 604 citizens who left to join ISIS. reports:

The “spy” added that the Russians are having difficulty keeping track of the foreign nationals, due to the common practice of changing names upon joining the organization.

The terrorist speaks in Russian before decapitating his victim, stating:

“[Russian President Vladimir] Putin, you dog, we attacked [Syrian President Bashar] Assad prior to your arrival as well as the Americans and their allies – we will also attack you.”

Russia began airstrikes on ISIS in Syria in late September.

The film was shot in the ISIS “capital” of Raqqa, Syria.