Handsome Gorilla Attracts Women Visitors To Zoo

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Japanese women have increased their attendance at a zoo containing a handsome male gorilla.


Young women in Japan are flocking to a zoo to feast their eyes on a handsome gorilla confined within an enclosure.

The brooding expression and marvellous physique of the 18-year-old male Shabani has inspired a following of female fans.
The caged beast is being gawked at by Japanese females at an animal park in Nagoya.

The Evening Standard reports:

Officials at the Higashiyama Zoo and Botanical Gardens say the impressive animal is responsible for a “notable increase” in young female visitors, according to local reports.

Many have taken to social media to share photos while referring to him as “ikeman”, meaning a good looking man.

In comments posted online, he was also called the “handsome gorilla” while one poster said he was simply “too handsome”.Shabani_crouching

The well-travelled animal was born in the Netherlands in 1996 but soon moved to Taronga Zoo in Sydney, Australia, before being transferred to Nagoya in 2007.

Taronga Zoo’s senior zookeeper Allan Schmidt told Daily Mail Australia: “I would say most people would consider him fairly dashing.”

He added that Shabani was “used to the limelight” after becoming something of a viral hit in 2007, after he was photographed walking along a tightrope in the zoo enclosure.

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