WEF Orders Govt’s To Digitize Billions of Citizens’ Brains Before Mass Extinction Event

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World Economic Forum founder Klaus Schwab has announced plans to extend the lives of his chosen few by using avatars, algorithms and a slew of non-specified injections.

World Economic Forum founder Klaus Schwab has announced plans to extend the lives of his chosen few by using avatars, algorithms and a slew of non-specified injections.

Meanwhile the rest of humanity will be left to perish in a mass extinction event the global elite are referring to behind closed doors as a “biotic catastrophe” in which at least 90% of the human race is wiped out.

If you thought the great replacement taking place in the US via the wide-open border was diabolical, wait until you hear what the global elite have in store for humanity at large.

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Klaus Schwab’s WEF has ordered compliant world governments to begin digitizing billions of citizens’ brains to be uploaded as algorithms for the exclusive use of the global elite in a radically depopulated future when the elite has disposed of so-called useless humans.

WEF-funded psychological researchers are testing the waters as we speak, asking questions including whether you would sell your soul for immortality – in the form of a “mind upload” in which the information and contents of your human brain, including memories, thoughts, fears and consciousness are uploaded into a digital or synthetic substrate.

Leaked footage of Schwab revealing the finer points of his master plan to a group of so-called Global Shapers has begun circulating on the internet, exposing elements of his depopulation agenda that we were not previously available in the public domain.

The Global Shapers Community was founded by Schwab and the WEF in 2012. It brings together people under the age of 30 who have been identified by WEF as potential Young Global Leaders.

Author Ernst Wolff believes the Global Shapers community is a proving ground where future political leaders are being selected, vetted and groomed before being positioned in the world’s political apparatus. It is akin to a WEF indoctrination program.

Why did the Global Shapers in the audience hoot and holler at Schwab’s idea of extending their lives with avatars, algorithms and a regimen of mysterious injections?

Because these people are examples of the brainwashed techno-utopian liberal left working in Big Tech and academia who have already sold their souls to the global elite.

For example, the entire audience of Global Shapers agreed with Schwab when he said Pope Francis is now more important than Jesus Christ.

There was not a single dissenting voice.

According to the WEF, a new one world religion has arrived and it unites all of humanity in worshiping at the altar of climate science, techno-communism and eugenics.

They are not even trying to hide their sick and twisted desires anymore.

According to one WEF insider, if you don’t like the agenda of the globalist elite, you don’t have to participate, you can go and get yourself euthanized by the state. If you pay close attention you will hear him clearly state that they are going to become gods – and if you try and resist, they will kill you.

The disturbing speech mirrors warnings delivered by Noah Yuval Harari, Klaus Schwab’s right-hand-man, in recent times.

Harari also mocks ordinary people as useless and hopeless, and tells humanity they have no future worth living in the brave new world of the WEF’s Agenda 2030 where the elite have the power of creation and destruction.

According to Schwab, it is his role to shape the “transformation” of the world by digitizing billions of citizens’ brains before killing them, and he plans on using tools including genetic editing, algorithms, avatars, and injections to achieve this – whether you like it or not.

The metaverse is a technological concept centered around virtual and augmented reality. It has the ominous potential to become a breeding ground for censorship, unbridled surveillance and an insidious form of digital enslavement, surpassing anything the elites have ever unleashed on humanity.

We must be vigilant in monitoring their every move in this direction because the building blocks of this vast open-air prison are being laid as we speak.

Last week, the European Union approved Bill Gates’ “global digital ID” system. According to the EU, Gates’ digital ID will be voluntary.

But there is a catch.

Gates’ digital ID has inbuilt features designed to exclude those who do not comply with the globalist agenda from participating in society.

This system is the foundation for a Chinese social credit score style digital prison.

The globalist elite cannot stop talking about their agenda to depopulate the world and build a vast open-air prison for those who survive the mass extinction event, and now they are putting their plans into action.

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