World Economic Forum Orders Citizens To Stop Washing Their Clothes To Fight Climate Change

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WEF orders public to stop washing their own clothes to combat climate change. Yes, really.

The World Economic Forum (WEF) is now ordering the public to cease washing their clothes in order to fight climate change.

Yes, really.

The bizzare demands were made in a WEF video posted to their Twitter account on Sunday morning.

The World Economic Forum, chaired by “Great Reset” architect Klaus Schwab, has a mission that includes decreasing the quality of life for billions around the globe in order to fight climate change. reports: Twitter users chimed in to voice their opposition to the WEF’s authoritarianism, making it clear they don’t intend to function as peasants for the corrupt and sinister elites to command in the twisted organization’s sick vision of the future.

Some noted that the very concept of eschewing the washing of clothes applies almost exclusively to the white-collar “laptop class,” with blue collar workers who are employed in arduous trades likely to face serious health repercussions if they continually wore dirty, soiled and sweaty clothes.

In an acute irony, globalist billionaires and neoliberal politicians routinely utilize private jets to fly into the organization’s yearly Davos conference, releasing more carbon into the environment than the average family does in a year’s worth of laundry.  The World Economic Forum has consistently fought against plans that include rolling back perks and privileges for billionaires and elites, hoping to focus environmental policy exclusively on stripping away the fundamental rights of the citizens they consider to be beneath them.


  1. To help fighting climate change more efficiently, people should stop wearing clothes. This will also have the advantage of making vaccination easier.

  2. Look fundamentally Christianity legally gave people rights as Sovereign beings that they never had as Pagans. That’s why they hate it. As the pagans take over again by infiltrating every religion with their theology and thereby removing Christian fundamentalism from the law people are ahuan becoming reduced to chattels owned by the Vatican and governed by the Vatican s chosen, being tjise they anniunt as Sovereigns. Its really fundamentally pagan monarchies ruling the world. Again. And paganism is just a disguise for Satanism really.

  3. Central bankers talking about their dilemmas.

    banker1:How can we get ourselves out of this ponzi scheme with the money printing we have done?

    banker 2:Only if 80% of the people would die in the next 5 years, that would take the heat off us.

    Banker 1: Well you know what happened in WW2, we barely killed a few million people, we need billions to die. starting a war like that would destroy all this nice infrastructure that has been built for us. If only we could just get the people to commit suicide.

    Banker 2: yes, kind of like our little experiment at the Jim Jones camp. 900 people willingly drank poison.

    Banker 1: How can we get 6 billion people to do this?

    Banker 2: If we used our CIA, our Press, we could trick them into a pandemic, then make a vaccine that will kill them. they will beg for the injections, fight for them.

    Banker 1: yes, let us keep working on that Idea. That just may work.

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