Family’s beloved Golden Retriever Executed By Police In Front Of Children

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Just says before Christmas a family’s beloved golden retriever pet was executed in front of them – including two young children.

“When I looked that’s when I heard the shots. He shot him once then shot him twice, then there was a pause and he shot him a third time … I heard my kids screaming and I ran into the house.” reports:

The three and a half year old playful pooch would go and meet the children at the bus stop when returning home from school in the afternoon and play with the other children. Unfortunately on this day he barked at one of the students and followed her part of the way home.

Marley returned back to the house and everything was fine until an officer pulled into the family’s driveway to inform them that Marley would need to be kept on a leash when visiting the bus stop. Rhiannon Wilhite, the dog’s owner, was in the process of putting Marley in the house when he got loose and ran off playing in the yard.

Marley was reportedly returning to the house when the officer began firing on their pet. The officer fired off two rounds, then Wilhite claims he paused for at least 30 seconds, before firing off a third round for good measure.

Raymond Wilhite alleges that the officer told him he had “feared for his life,” as he executed the dog with no history of aggression and left his body laying lifelessly in the yard.

According to the Justice For Marley Facebook page:

The officer who shot and killed Marley is Deputy Holiman. There is NO leash law where they live however Marley was not running the neighborhood when he was shot and killed. He was shot and killed in his own front yard while running around his own house playing. The officer who was also n MARLEY’S yard was scared of Marley even though Marley had shown no aggression towards the deputy and wasn’t even paying attention to him. Marley was running around the house playing with his owner.

Ray County Sheriff’s Office have failed to comment as of yet.



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