DOJ Called On to Arrest ‘Every Single Elite Pedophile’ Connected to Epstein

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DOJ urged to arrest every single elite pedophile connected to Maxwell and Epstein

The Department of Justice is being urged to find and arrest “every single scumbag” linked to Jeffrey Epstein’s elite pedophile ring.

Following Ghislaine Maxwell’s guilty verdict on Wednesday, Sen. Ben Sasse (R-NE) demanded that the DOJ hunt down all VIP pedophiles connected to the pair immediately.

“This verdict shouldn’t be the end,” Sen. Sasse said in a press release.

“The DOJ needs to go after every single scumbag who committed crimes with Maxwell and Epstein.” reports: Sasse pushed the DOJ to investigate Epstein in 2018, requesting the department look into possible misconduct by federal officials who handled the Epstein case.

Sasse released a scathing statement about the DOJ’s approach to the case in November 2020, complaining that “justice has not been served.”

“Letting a well-connected billionaire get away with child rape and international sex trafficking isn’t ‘poor judgment’ — it is a disgusting failure,” Sasse wrote in the statement. “Americans ought to be enraged. Jeffrey Epstein should be rotting behind bars today, but the Justice Department failed Epstein’s victims at every turn. The DOJ’s crooked deal with Epstein effectively shut down investigations into his child sex trafficking ring and protected his co-conspirators in other states. Justice has not been served. The full report needs to be released to the public.”


  1. They’d have to start with themselves. The Pope met with Epstein. It would be revolutionise the establishment and remove the entire rule of law. Won’t happen Just some Jews sacrificed as lambs.

  2. Never going to happen because the big bosses that really run our serfdom are also among these perverts. Will take an act of God to get these ba&tards
    because our justice system is also full of them.

  3. Absolutely agree that all these pedos need to be prosecuted. Unfortunately the best predictor of future behavior is past behavior. So most will get away with this….. for now.

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