UN Peacekeeper Soldiers Fire on Protestors in Haiti

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UN Peacekeeper Soldiers Fire on Protestors in Haiti

UN peacekeepers and Police in Haiti have attacked protesters with live ammo and chemical agents as several thousand opposition supporters tried to march on the presidential palace,demanding new leadership.

Revolution News reports: Haiti has seen many anti-government protests in recent months calling for President Michael Martelly to step down, amid a growing anger over the high levels of government corruption. Elections have been delayed now for years.

People took to the streets again today. As the video above shows, the protest march approaching the Presidential Palace faced a barrage of gunfire and tear gas. While major media outlets have the audacity to falsely claim that Haitian police and UN peacekeepers fired only into the air to disperse the protest while on the same page show a photo of the man seen below taking aim at head height. It is profoundly clear that shots to kill were taken.

Youtube video By Revolution News

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