Video : Kurds Clash With Islamists On New Years Day

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islamic roadshow_woodgreen
islamic roadshow_woodgreen

Mini Riot: Kurds clash with Islamists on New Years Day in Wood Green, March 21 2015. 

The eight minute video was captured by three north London youths from their balcony.
Warning: Video contains rude words.

It captures the riot as it develops, with uncensored real-time commentary.
The Islamists are seen vying for space with Kurds celebrating their spring new year, all under the noses of the local youths and residents of the busy shopping district. The Metropolitan Police manage to arrive through London’s rush hour traffic, to help their beleaguered colleagues.

Police and demonstrators clashed after a “mini riot” broke out in a busy high street.

Members of the Kurdish community clashed with demonstrators at an Islamic Roadshow stall in High Road, Wood Green on Saturday 21 March 2015 at around 5pm.

Police were called to the town cente as arguments broke out between the two groups when the Kurdish people walked through Wood Green to the Kurdish Community Centre as part of Newroz – the traditional Iranian new year celebration.

Muslim activist Anjem Choudary was among groups hosting the Islamic Roadshow stall, who were heard promoting Sharia Law and urging Muslims not to vote while handing out leaflets from their tent outside Boots.


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