BLM Supporters Beat Raccoon To Death With Baseball Bat To Protest Cops ‘Treating Us Like Animals’

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Black Lives Matter supporters ran over a raccoon twice before beating it to death with a baseball bat in a horrific and senseless act of animal cruelty before posting the video online and saying people should “worry about the police killing Black people” and “treating us like animals.”

“James Blue”, the person who filmed the violence, attempted to justify the animal cruelty by saying that “Black lives matter” and “Only white people worry about animals.”

The disturbing incident took place in New York City, as onlookers watched and cheered the sickening attack on a defenseless animal.

The alleged niece of one of the perpetrators replied:

Worry about the police killing Black people” before dismissing the brutal and unnecessary killing of the raccoon, saying “only white peoples worry about this.”

Animal rights activists are now trying to identify the people in the video, which we must warn is very disturbing. The person who filmed the violence and uploaded it to Facebook uses the name “James Blue” online, but he has disabled his Instagram and Facebook accounts after attracting attention for his vicious actions.

Worry about police killing black people, you’re worried about an animal crazy,” Blue wrote.

Baxter Dmitry

Baxter Dmitry

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Baxter Dmitry


    • Animals are not the problem, we humans are also animals, but being a monster, that’s the real problem, and only human animals can be monsters !!

    • What the left is doing is exactly what the N@zis did in the 1930s.
      1) destroying history, statues etc 2) burning books (insert movies, tv shows now)
      3) intimidation. try to speak a different thought and they shout you down. 4) rioting and looting to intimidate (anyone read about krystallnacht?)
      5) finding one group or demographic to hate and destroy. 6) publicly destroy anyone not in agreement (cancel culture) 7) replace the police with their own force (the brownshirts) 8) control the media (who is their Joseph Goebbels?)
      9) take your guns.

  1. These black human excrements are evil and their lives matter not to me, I hope they get the same death as that defenseless raccoon, and that goes for all standing around cheering it on, May I have the opportunity to be the one that holds the bat on them and deals out the justice. N-g-e-s applies here quite well. Your human excrement with no use what so ever to life or society.

      • There are decent black people that don’t deserve the resurrection of that word back into our culture. Most of these BLM marchers are white and qualify as white trash, but I don’t want that thrown around, either. It just makes people harder.

      • Totally agree. BLM is a scourge on black lives. These people are lower than animals who deserve respect. These people are demonic.

    • Humans are the only animal that fell from what they were created to be. Animals are innocent. But they are the only animal that also needs redemption because we will all answer to God.

    • Maybe somebody could lead them to the Lord first, like these black Pastors are trying to do, mixing with this mob.

  2. Fuckin scumbag. Cant wait till us on the right start swinging back. When it happens you hoodrat fucks are all gonna feel it.

    • People in small towns have been showing up and these people turn tail and run back to their buses. A fearful animal is the most dangerous.

    • They are being fed lies by Obama and the whole deep state, starting with Trayvon, the 200 pound 6 foot grandson who was portrayed as a 12 year old in a hoodie. Then Michael Brown was portrayed as putting his hands up and saying “Don’t shoot” but never did that but attacked Officer Wilson and lost the fight over his gun. The only real innocent black death was the young jogger who went into an open house being built and ended up getting shot by two fearful white men, father and son. But it left many blacks feeling like it was open season on them because of the lies of the media. Did anybody listen to Tim Scott at the Republican National Convention? He brought me to tears. Such a good man and able to overcome every obstacle put in his path without any bitterness.

  3. These animals represent the democrat cabal! They have no sense of right or wrong!
    These are the savages your mother warned you about!

  4. Ok, you’ve shown us you like to start fires… Extremely ENJOY cruelty to animals… did you all have bed wetting problems too?? These are called the “triad” of a sociopath. Parents…. what have you done or not done in raising your children?? They stand around and CHEER! This is called BLOODLUST and it’s depraved!!

    • We have advanced so much since the 40’s.You can’t deny blacks were treated like 3rd class citizens. Please don’t let these freaks trained by AntiFA and BLM bring you back to Jim Crow. We have more in common than not. The criminals here should be brought to justice. Mob rule is truly ugly.

      • ^”The criminals here should be brought to justice.” Absolutely, but it’s not likely for most, because it appears the mayors of the cities where Pantifa/BLM freaks have been rioting and looting are not interested in having the criminal looters and arsonists “brought to justice”. For the most part, until their own houses are tagged, I see mayors giving the criminal rioters a pass because the “peaceful protests” are supposedly a racial justice issue. The result of this mayoral permissiveness for fear of offending blacks casts a pall over all blacks and further opens the wound of racism and will drive our society back to Jim Crow hostilities if this is allowed to continue. Justice is supposedly blind, but when some widespread and obviously criminal behavior gets a pass, we bystanders no longer believe that justice is blind and uniform, and tend to become defensive, doubting the good will of all blacks until proven otherwise.

        I’m old enough to have gone to segregated schools, and remember being pleasantly surprised when the black guys who were integrated into my school in the 1950’s were just like me except for a darker skin. They came from whole families, were well mannered and pulled their weight. They brought no rowdiness, no airs of entitlement for being “underprivileged”, just a desire to learn, and they wanted to be accepted and fit in to the whole student body like the rest of us, not have separate this, that and the other because they were black.

        Mob rule is truly ugly.
        I know about mobs and agree with you 110%. I was an MP in Washington DC in the 60’s and faced too many mobs. A mob has no logical mind and because of perceived anonymity, no conscience either.

  5. Here’s what really gets me. Why do blacks (& other non-whites) feel entitled to white people’s care & attention?

    Like, if you consider whitey so evil, then why do you feel so entitled to playing on the emotions of white people & expect them to care about you? Shouldn’t you be doing the exact opposite, shouldn’t you be trying to get away from us? Shouldn’t playing on our emotions be impossible because we don’t care about blacks? All this proves to me is that blacks currently hold psychological power over whites, & whites need to learn to break free from that.

    Just as I would never expect black people to constantly care about the well being of whites. I mean, 90% of interracial violence between blacks & whites in the USA is black on white, despite blacks holding just 1/5th of the white population. If anyone in America has the right to be complaining about interracial violence, it is white people. Even when white people like me speak up about it, we’re not guilt tripping blacks, we’re simply trying to point out media hypocrisy & wake up naive white people.

    There’s no “you must be better black people”, we just want to get away from you. So why do blacks essentially keep doing the opposite? They flood into these “oppressive” white countries from Africa, they move into these “oppressive” white neighborhoods.
    The truth is, that deep down, even blacks know they’re safer living among whites than their own people. But they also enjoy the psychological power they currently hold over whites, & they’re very, very afraid of losing it.

    Well, guess what, you are going to lose it, because you keep pushing us further & further. The right wing is growing for a reason, & it’s not because people are being radicalized by “online right wing voices” as the left believes. They’re being radicalized by leftist politics. In fact, that’s literally how fascism came to be in places like Spain & Germany, because communists were taunting & terrorizing their nations.

    It’s funny how I often here this quote from lefties, “if you don’t learn from history you’re doomed to repeat it”. Well, the funny thing about that is, the full history is not being told, we’re getting history through a leftist/victor’s lens, it can’t be learned from if you’re not getting the full picture. Which is why history will be repeated.

    • How could any of the protesters learn anything from their history. Even many college graduates don’t know their history. After i became a Naturalized citizen, i read American history and was quite amazed about slavery and how Democrats wanted it. Republicans were for emancipation! These frigging idiots looting, and ATTACKING innocent beings and people are NOT DESERVING OF FREEDOM THAT SO MANY GAVE THEIR LIVES FOR THEM. THEY SHOULD BE TAKEN AFTER THEIR ARRESTS TO GUANTANAMO SINCE THEY ARE TERRORISTS!

  6. Why would anyone do something so disgusting and cruel? How is this going to help the movement?! It just proves that people are horrible and animals are innocent

    • They are all out there, pumped up by adrenaline and general mayhem. They probably would never do that except to show off how “cur-ageous” they are.

  7. These are some of the sickest depraved things I have ever seen, second only to the ISIS beheading I unfortunately watched. I sure hope they all meet the same exact fate wherever life takes their sorry ass selves. Only F’n POS hurt poor animals.

  8. I am crying – why do that to the innocent of the innocent? that’s the kind of stuff serial killers do so you know every one of them involved doesn’t value any life not even human. They should all be put down by lethal injection.

  9. ““Only white people worry about animals.” Because we are civilized and able to empathize with other beings. We aren’t self-centered, overly obsessed with money. Asian people are the same. Never see videos of Asians looting, of Asians beating up a hostess in a restaurant or throwing chairs. There is a distinct difference between the races. No, we are NOT “all the same.”

    • You don’t know what you are talking about. You’re a bigot. Take your anger out on yourself. You have only yourself to blame for your attitude.

    • There are plenty of black people who love their pets and nature. I don’t want to be condemned by the actions of Jeffrey Dahmer. Please, don’t bring a whole race down to the actions of a few.

  10. This is absolutely disgusting. You can’t blame white people for this. Anyone who could do a thing like this is cruel and has no heart and was raised to hate. You all belong in prison and you will likely get more prison time for beating and killing an animal than you would killing a human being. You all disgust me.

  11. Proving the fact that BLM are made up if violent monsters. By killing innocent animals, you are less than an animal, you are nothing but scum of this earth and need to be extinguished.

  12. And why are we surprised?
    Those POS already march for the “right” to kill their own children!
    I can’t wait till they bring their crap into one of my Puerto Rican neighborhoods. THEY WILL BE dismembered!

  13. You sonofabitchin fuckers…only thing you are proving is that you are much much worse than animals…that is not a racial dispersion but is most certainly a cultural one. Sadistic acts like this do not advance whatever cause you think you are fighting…hope you all get rabies you cowardly assholes.

  14. There are plenty of black people that work in animal rescue and are vets or work with vets. I couldn’t watch this video again, but when I saw it on Twitter, a car deliberately backed over it and then rolled forward again. Too bad the crowd didn’t pull that guy out of the car, but whatever hood these people come from must be hell on earth. If you can’t be kind to an animal that can’t even speak up for himself, you won’t be kind to a human.

  15. They were planning a road kill barbecue. After all, barbecuing meat was invented by BIPOC’s and the idea stolen by white people. I’ll bring the cole slaw.

  16. Be careful folks I hear the raccoons are banding together and are going to do their own rioting!! They knoe who you are and where you call home !!

  17. These people are not BLM. They are depraved individuals who are torturing an animal – they deserve severe punishment. Do not condemn an entire movement because of a few assholes. NewsPunch is a fake new site.

  18. I dont understand why are the coons beating a raccoon…yea tell my again why these waste of life losers matter…o wait they dont they only lifes that should matter right now are the poor little children but you blacks always have to be the center of attention # childrenlifesmatter #blackslifesdontmatter

  19. They are scum. The lowest pigs on earth. To kill a defenseless animal in that manner shows they are scum. I hope they meet the same death. One of their black brothers hopefully will come after them over drugs and beat him/her to death. I hope they get shot. They deserve it. BLM doesn’t mean shit to me after this.

  20. These low IQ goons killing the raccoon are worthless. They actually think this savage act should make people worry about what happens to them. Imbeciles with a pack mentality.

  21. these people love to murder, they not only will beat a coon to death they got no issues beatin or raping white humans. their language tells us how much they hate whites

  22. You misuse black life’s matter, you are full of hate ,also when people use this as an excuse to torture animals because I am black, what kind of answer is that ,an excuse to go around torture and killing innocent life, you have no right to do that – I saw the little innocent raccoon like a child, was so afraid, did you enjoy your evil behavior ,it beg you to stop, but you are no better than the cop- puuit , the raccoon have no friends coming after you does it ? NO ofcourse not and you know that ,why not pick on an animal that can’t get back at me, because ,no one make a big rally for him /her the raccoon or burning the town down for the raccoon or destroy all peoples stores and cars houses and what not, but you did- you are doing it- the raccoons friends do you see them ? but you, you think you get all the black to support you, for doing this I don’t think so , some of your friends they are burning and destroying all around you, do you see any animals coming after you– loser — and you talk like animals doesn’t matter, who are you to tell what matters when you have this shitty behavior. I am the raccoons friend, do you understand ? and there are more out there who love the animals so so much who will help the animals, I have signed , shame on you. Hope they get you :((( and you will read this one day grow up.

  23. It’s time to fire up those Airport Foam Trucks…and Fire Truck Mounted water cannons and blow these piles of shit out of the street

  24. More freemason staged news. Go on call a news outlet and tell them you have footage of a Black Lives matter protester raping Antifa puppies while threatening the president, listen to the phone hang up.
    But some how every insane lucifarian fantasy story makes the news.

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