Pelosi Calls for Donald Trump To Be Put On an Involuntary Psychiatric Hold

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Pelosi calls for Trump to be put on a psychiatric hold.

Nancy Pelosi has called for Donald Trump to be put on an involuntary psychiatric hold so that he can’t run for President.

Speaking with Sky News at the recent Munich Security Conference, a deranged Pelosi completely misunderstood a question about what she would say to people in Europe about America’s standing in the world, and instead offered her advice to Trump. reports: Anchor Yalda Hakim asked Pelosi “Europeans here are worried. They see America and they say America is stepping back. You’ve dealt with Donald Trump. What advice would you give them?”

“Him?” Pelosi responded, before launching into an attack on Trump.

“Have an intervention into your mental health, your political viability,” Pelosi hissed.

“He’s really grotesque and it’s really a shame,” Pelosi continued, claiming that “I never talk politics when I go overseas, because that’s just the way we have always been, very bipartisan when we go overseas.”

What the hell is she talking about? She’s is overseas as she is making this comment.

Pelosi then couldn’t resist throwing in the beaten to a pulp dead horse of ‘Russian collusion.’

“We may have our differences, and we criticise the President at home… but the… he has ventured into the global scene by his chumminess with Putin,” Pelosi said of Trump.


Last week Pelosi claimed that Putin has “something financial” on Trump and that the GOP frontrunner is actively encouraging the Russian leader to invade NATO countries.

She’s completely unhinged.


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