Police Chief In Charge of Paris Attacks Commits Suicide

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Charlie Hebdo cop commits suicide

Commissioner Helric Fredou, the person in charge of the Charlie Hebdo investigation, committed suicide on Thursday night in his office using his service weapon. The reasons behind the suicide are as yet unknown.

According to an article on ‘Uprooted Palestinians’ blog:

He was deputy director of the regional police service since 2012. His father was a former police officer, his mother was a nurse in the emergency context CHU Limoges. He was single and had no children.

According to the police union commissioner was depressed and experiencing burnout . In November 2013, the Commissioner Fredou had discovered the lifeless body of his colleague, number 3 of SRPJ Limoges, who had also committed suicide with his service weapon in his office. He was also 44 years old.

The Commissioner Fredou, like all agents SRPJ worked yesterday on the case of the massacre at the headquarters of Charlie Hebdo. In particular, he surveyed the family of one of the victims. He killed himself before completing its report. A psychological cell was set up in the police station.

Source: https://uprootedpalestinians.wordpress.com/2015/01/09/another-mossad-victim-police-chief-helric-fredou-investigating-charlie-hebdo-commits-suicide/

This story has received very little coverage in the media as yet. Are the circumstances around his death suspicious? We will keep you updated with this story as it progresses.

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