Auditor Calls For French Government To Issue Macron Warrant

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French auditor calls for Emannuel Macron arrest over tax evasion scandal

A senior auditor has recommended that the French government immediately issue a warrant over the Emmanuel Macron tax evasion scam.

The auditor, who works for one of the Big Three accounting firms, says that after looking at the leaked Macron documents released this week, he has found evidence that confirms the documents are real.

The auditor has asked the French government to immediately issue a warrant to investigate the presidential candidate for what he says are confirmed instances of fraud and tax evasion. reports:

La Providence LLC Operating Agreement

Macron’s Signature

Starting from the beginning of this structure, the LLC Operating Agreement creates the parent company and it contains Macron’s signature.

The famous signature of Emmanuel Macron associated with his campaign is the product of a graphic designer inspired by, but not copying his signature. There are three variations of Emmanuel Macron’s signature between books and posters he signed for fans and government documents that were destined to be made public.

The signature on his Wikipedia page comes from his controversial and widely disputed wealth disclosure to the government made this year as part of his official filings to be a candidate. It in fact has no relation to the example above, the example below, or even to his name itself. If he in fact knowingly hid wealth, it is possible that he did not sign the document himself to limit his liability for perjury.

Finally, there are samples of his signature that match the one found on the Operating Agreement. These match signatures that he made on books and posters and even other official documents.

Date of Agreement

The agreement is dated “4 May 2012,” a convention that is used in France and former British colonies and is consistent with the culture of the client and the standards of the contracting firm.

The date’s relation to political events

The date is during the Second Round of the previous presidential election. It is two days after the Hollande-Sarkozy debate and two days before the final vote. Hollande was consistently ahead of the incumbent Sarkozy in the polls. Eleven days after Operating Agreement was signed, Emmanuel Macron left Rothschild & Cie. to work for President Hollande.

The date’s relation to Emmanuel Macron’s business interests

Emmanuel Macron was still in the early phases of advising on the Pfizer-Nestlé deal. This deal, it is claimed by his Partners at Rotschild & Cie., was the reason for his large bonus. It is worth noting that the deal did not finalize until December 2012. The bonus for work done in 2012 would not be paid out until January or February 2013, well into Macron’s tenure with the government.

Capitalization of $1

This is the statutory requirement for the incorporation of an LLC in Nevis. Other arrangements are usually made to ensure the payment of the lawyers. This is typical in cases where payments into the corporate structure are made by someone other than the owner. That would be the case if this was created to receive Macron’s expected windfall bonus from Rothschild & Cie., or other income, outside the jurisdiction of French tax authorities.

Choice of Domicile for Parent Company

Nevis, an island within the country St. Kitts & Nevis, only requires “General Partners” to be disclosed in filing documents for corporations. “General Partners” must be one of the few “Registered Agents,” lawyers the government allows to file LLC documents on behalf of their anonymous clients. The “Limited Partners” who are the “Beneficial Owners” of said companies are only noted in files held at the private law firm and are not systematically disclosed to the government. Also, unlike in most other jurisdictions, an LLC can be incorporated with only one Limited Partner.

Dixcart Management Nevis Limited and La Providence LLC Headquarters

Dixcart is an international Law Firm that is operating in Nevis to create these legal entities for clients seeking to hide their assets. Dixcart Management Nevis Limited is a Registered Agent with the Nevis Financial Services Regulatory Commission with Graham Sutcliffe as their Managing Director. The LLC claims the Dixcart office as their headquarters which, documents within the Panama Papers have revealed, is a common practice of Dixcart clients.

FirstCaribbean Fax

Who is Richard Palmer?

Richard Palmer is listed as the recipient on the fax from FirstCaribbean Bank. Richard Palmer is listed on the Dixcart site as one of their Nevis based Lawyers. His Fax number matches that on the fax.

Is La Providence LLC the same as La Providence Ltd.?

In order to open a bank account in a country other than Nevis, where La Providence LLC is incorporated, a corporate subsidiary must be created within that country. The Cayman Islands uses the convention “Ltd.” as opposed to “LLC” which is used in Nevis or “SàRL” in France or “GmbH in Germany. Because the Cayman Islands only published the names and owners of companies that are delinquent in paying their annual flat fee to the government, which is published in the Cayman Islands Gazette, we cannot confirm ownership of La Providence Ltd. (Cayman Islands) with a parent company or owner.
However, since Richard Palmer is the contact for the Cayman Banker, we can safely assume that this is the same company.

Who is Brian Hydes?

I spoke with the HR department of CIBC, the parent company of FirstCaribbean. They confirmed that Brian Hydes was once, but is no longer, employed at FirstCaribbean. All other information I sought could not be shared without a consent letter signed by Brian Hydes. His phone number is a now disconnected extension within FirstCaribbean at their Cayman location.

Writing Conventions and Date of Fax

The words “Cheque” and “Centre” match the dating conventions of British English, which is consistent with this fax originating from a company within a former British Colonies and owned by a Canadian Parent Company. Therefore, the date can be assumed to indicate that this was sent in February and not November.

Date of Payments into Macron’s Alleged Shell Company

The fax was sent in 2015 and referred to cheques that were presumably paid into his account. This occurs two years after the date of any assumed bonus payments were to be paid out by Rothschild & Cie.

Are these payments made for private sector work in 2014?

From June 10, 2014 to August 26, 2014 Emmanuel Macron was out of Government. During that period, press reports claim that Emmanuel Macron was setting up a Finance Consulting Firm, an education-focused Venture Capital Fund, and was a guest Professor. If the payments were for any of these activities, which occurred in France and Germany, then Macron should be charged with tax evasion.

Are these payments for his actions as Minister of the Economy?

This date also, falls just after the controversial Alstom-GE deal. As Minister of the Economy, Emmanuel Macron reversed the position of his predecessor who opposed the deal. Macron refused to carry out earlier policy directives regarding the deal and gave his signature to allow the deal to happen on 4 November 2014. The deal was finalized on December 22, 2014. The successful completion of the deal resulted in Alstom paying 30 million euros in bonuses to their top executives. If the cheques sent to La Providence Ltd. were issued directly on indirectly by Alstom, GE, or their executives or shareholders, then Emmanuel Macron should be charged with tax evasion and corruption.


In my opinion, there is no reason to assume these documents are fake. If I was hired by the French government to inspect these documents, I would recommend that government investigators obtain a warrant to carry out further investigation into Emmanuel Macrons personal papers and correspondences, both written and digital.

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