On Christmas A ‘Cold Moon’ Will Be Seen For First Time In Decades

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A rare full moon dubbed the 'cold moon' will be seen for the first time in decades this Christmas 2015

For the first time this century a rare full moon nicknamed the “cold moon” will reach its peak size on Christmas day. 

There hasn’t been a full moon on Christmas since 1977, and the next one after this will be in 2034.

Huffingtonpost.com reports:

It looks like Santa might not have to rely on Rudolph’s red nose to guide his sleigh this year.

December’s moon, nicknamed the “cold moon” will reach its peak size on Dec. 25 at around 6:11 a.m.

For those in the U.S., it will be best viewed on Christmas Eve while those in Europe may get a better glimpse on Christmas day itself.

Find out when the Christmas moon will be fullest in your location at Timeanddate.com.

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