Jim Jordan: Impeachment Is About Hillary Not Winning 2016 Election

Fact checked
Rep. Jim Jordan says impeachment is really about Democrats losing the last election

Rep. Jim Jordan says the impeachment hearings are just another symptom of Democrats not accepting the devastating 2016 election result and attempting to subvert the will of 63 million Americans.

During an appearance on Fox News, Rep. Jordan said the hearings were entirely baseless as there’s no evidence of Trump delivering anything to Ukraine and “quid pro quo” claims are completely bogus.

“So this idea that there was a this for that, a quid for quo — a quid pro quo didn’t happen,” Jordan said. “And yet they continue to say, oh, oh, but this is impeachable.”

Summit.news reports: “This is not about that at all, Bret. This is — this is about they have never accepted the will of the American people, when 63 million Americans, in an Electoral College landslide, said, we’re going to send Donald Trump to Washington shake that town up,” he added.

“And the establishment here, and particularly the Democrats, have never accepted that,” said Jordan. “And they’re going to do whatever it takes, Mueller report, FBI investigation, dossier, or now this, whatever it takes to try to get him out. That’s what this is really about.”

It’s now been 1109 days since the 2016 presidential election. Democrats who once chided President Trump for suggesting he might not accept the election result have been doing precisely that every day ever since.


  1. this circus shows exactly how rotten & evil the democratic party has become (not the same party of our parents). Should they ever win, then kiss America good bye

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