Trans Activist Behind Netflix’s Chappelle Protest Exposed As Massive Racist & Homophobic

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Trans activists behind Netflix's Chappelle protest exposed as a racist and homophobe

The activist behind the far-left Netflix protest over Dave Chappelle’s recent comedy special has been exposed as a massive racist and homophobe.

Newly unearthed tweets reveal that Ashlee Marie Preston hated Asians and gay people. Tweets such as the following:

Asian hoes act like they wont get karate chopped in they muthafukn throat. What is this hoe staring at. Mind ya beeswax. #Bitch.

Jus broke my phone on this Asian bitches head… I have Asian friends… but they some muthafukkn #weirdo sometimes [I Said It But We All Think It.] reports: In another tweet, Preston appears to call someone a “furry slipper wearing ass fuck boy” as well as a “dick rider,” adding, “I’d beat the dog shit out of you,” and “[in real life’ I’d smash your fucking head in like a can of A&W Root Beer.”

A video, which went viral on social media, splices Preston’s Netflix protest speech with the purported  tweets.


The anti-Dave Chappelle activist also appears to have expressed her dismay over people working at “Latino and Asian businesses” not speaking English.

Latino and Asian businesses need 2 stop being rude & fukn disrespectful, & I kno its A LOT to ask in CA but speak fukn English.

Just cussed that Asian bitch clean the fuck out… u mess up my order & THEN blame me?? [English Is My First Language] bitch.

Other screenshots show tweets calling someone a “faggot fucker” and referring to people as “faggot cock suckers.”

That is thee last time I help that faggot fucker…. he’s bringing ME problems Truman help him.

Got tha 9 on these muthafukerz…. faggot cock suckers …leave em shook like jelly, in a jam… SMUCKERZ.

Another tweet talked about how “drunk” and “drugged up Asian bitches” are “a predator’s dream.”

I think this gurl overdosed I hope her homegurl don’t leave her wit them dudes…. drunk drugged up Asian bitches are a predators dream.

The screenshots also display tweets attacking Asians for allegedly driving poorly.

Almost got hit by an Asian in a BMW as I crossed the street….. yes I know what you mean, but the important thing is that we didn’t say it.

Another damn Asian almost hit me while crossin, what the fuck is it wit yall and damn vehicles? I have an idea…

The tweets were first unearthed in 2019, while Preston served as a surrogate for Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA)’s presidential primary campaign.

“Elizabeth Warren Under Fire as Campaign Surrogate’s Racist, Homophobic Tweets Come to Light,” read an October 2019 headline by Law and Crime.

Preston responded to the controversy by taking to Twitter to issue a lengthy statement, in which she apologized and blamed her substance abuse for the tweets, stating that she had been “strung out on drugs” and “tweeting from an impaired conscious.”

“At the height of my meth addiction (8/9 years ago) I made a series of racially insensitive and homophobic tweets,” Preston said at the time. “I wasn’t out yet, and was dealing with internalized transphobia while homeless in a neighborhood where I felt culturally inferior.”

Preston added that while the “tweets were resurfaced as a political play,” she takes “full responsibility for my actions and deeply apologize to those I’ve offended or hurt.”

On Wednesday, Netflix employees staged a walkout, claiming Chappelle’s comedy special was “transphobic.”

Watch below: 

Transgender Netflix employees also released a list of demands of senior management, including a call for more transgender and “non-binary” content, and more trans personnel at the highest levels of the company.

While The Closer sparked outrage among woke activists, the special’s audience score on the film and television review-aggregation website Rotten Tomatoes, however, has a 96 percent positive rating.


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  2. Who wants to tell the lgbtq(+ pedo)that we’re not scared of them? So there’s no “phobia”.
    Who wants to tell them we KNOW what their agenda is? We KNOW what they’re all about. And their grooming of the entire world’s child population has been exposed.

  3. Only leftists call people racist. There are no exceptions.

    Everything this guy who pretends to be a woman wrote on social media probably true. Non whites who pretend they are conservatives (like the author of this story) are desperate to keep the anti white civic nationalist narrative alive. People with names like Sean Adl-Tabatabai are not Americans and do not belong in nations built by white people.

    Again only leftists call people racist. NO EXCEPTIONS.

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