NHS Says Milk Produced By Trans Women As Good As Mother’s Breast Milk

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British officials are now saying that biological males who identify as women should be able to ‘chestfeed’ babies.

The University Hospitals Sussex NHS Foundation Trust has claimed that hormone-induced milk produced by transgender women is just as beneficial for infants as mother’s breast milk.

The Trusts’s Medical Director described both as “human milk” and the “ideal food for infants”.

The statement has sparked fury among many and raised concerns among medical professionals who question the safety and efficacy of such practices.

UK health secretary Victoria Atkins described the latest stance on gender as ‘extraordinary’ and warned against any attempts to erase women.

Nana Akua, a presenter for GB News was also left fuming by the comments.

GB News reports: She explained: “I just think this is disgusting. It’s absurd, first of all, to compare something that has been generated.

“These biological men have taken a number of hormones to enable their hormones to be stabilized so they can say they’re women.

“Then they are taking certain hormones to produce the actual breast tissue. So they’re taking suppressants of testosterone and they’re taking oestrogen.

“They’re taking other chemicals to create the lactation and some of those chemicals can cause heart arrhythmias, this can all go across to the baby.

“First of all, if you’re a woman and you’re giving birth to a baby, you would know that any of these chemicals could go through the placenta. So women are very careful.

“We don’t take drugs of any sort so that we protect our children. Drugs can go into the breast milk, there is no real study that says that there are no traces of this stuff going into the milk.” She later added: “It’s rubbish.”

GB News host Emily Carver questioned: “I guess a lot of people would say that we already have formula milk for children. Some women can’t breastfeed. If this study has looked into this and they say it is fine for babies, then what’s the problem, Nana?”

Akua said: “This is somebody’s perversion in my view and all they want to do is feel the notion of breastfeeding. It is not about the safety of the baby. “This is about satisfying the identity crisis within somebody who believes that they’re a woman.”

Kevin Schofield, HuffPost UK political editor said: “I don’t know whether it’s a perversion or not. I mean my take on it is ultimately do whatever is good for the baby. If it’s good for the baby, then fine.”

A statement from the NHS trust said: “We stand by the facts of the letter and the cited evidence supporting them.”

Akua finally added: “The other part of this which hasn’t been mentioned is that that NHS Trust are part of the Stonewall Diversity Champions program.

“They have admitted that they got some of that information from external sources.

“The bottom line is it is an eradication of women. And I feel that there’s another agenda underneath it.

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