UN Chief Says W.H.O is ‘Irreplaceable’

Fact checked

UN Secretary General António Guterres has declared that the World Health Organization “irreplaceable.”

Guterres said the WHO needs greater resources to support its work in developing countries, a month after the US cut funds to the international body.

Addressing the annual World Health Assembly via video link on Monday, Gutterres also claimed that the planet was paying a heavy price for ignoring thier early coronavirus advice.

RT reports: US President Donald Trump last month accused the “China-centric” WHO of “severely mismanaging” the Covid-19 crisis and of “covering up” the spread of the virus in cahoots with Beijing. He said funding from the US, the organization’s largest donor, would be frozen pending a probe into the claims.

Trump’s abrupt decision triggered international condemnation, including from Guterres, who said the organization “must be supported” and is “absolutely critical” to the world’s efforts to beat the Covid-19 pandemic.

The funding cut also provoked disbelief in Europe, with EU foreign policy chief Josep Borrell saying states in the 27-member bloc “deeply regret” the US decision and that the timing of the move was unjustifiable. Russia’s Deputy Foreign Minister Sergey Ryabkov said, meanwhile, that the move was “an expression of the very egoistic approach” of US authorities to the crisis.

The World Health Assembly was opened by Swiss President Simonetta Sommaruga, who pledged her country’s “full support and cooperation” to the WHO and said its 194 member states must “act together” to end the pandemic.


  1. But Terrorist Tedros, the ChiCom lackey, is not irreplacable. Get rid of him and you may find the U.S. more helpful.

  2. Course hes going to say that .They need their absolute Monarch reigning over all the princes of the little UN Kingdoms principalities territories and dominions doing as their commanded .

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