Video: Amazon Test Delivering Packages Right Into Your Trunk

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Waiting for a delivery of a package from Amazon (or any other delivery service) can sometimes be a frustrating, confusing ordeal.  Many times, due to work, family, or other obligations, we are left with notices of “attempted delivery” stuck to our doors or mailboxes rather than the actual package itself.  Well, Amazon, the world’s largest online retailer is testing a method to end that frustration – but at what cost to your privacy?

According to GEOBeats News:

Audi, DHL, and Amazon are joining forces to test out the possibility of delivering packages to drivers’ trunks. Ordering up merchandise on the Internet and having it delivered to your door is great, unless you’re not home to receive it.
As a way to avoid re-deliveries and pick-up notices, Audi, DHL, and Amazon are joining forces to test out a possible solution – having packages delivered to drivers’ trunks.
The trials will happen in Munich and are slated to start soon.

For the system to work, package recipients must have an Audi that’s equipped with the needed technology.
DHL drivers will be able to locate the parked vehicle via GPS and access the trunk with a single use code.

Once unlocked, they would be able to drop goods off and collect outgoing packages as well as mail, as Germany’s postal service is operated by DHL.
If the pilot program goes well, Audi plans to install the necessary equipment and software on its new cars.
They say it will also be possible to have what’s needed put into older models as well.
Volvo has already had success with making trunk deliveries a reality.
The Swedish auto company tested out a similar scheme not long ago, and announced they will soon be officially launching the service in their home country.

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