WATCH: Leftists Excited To Sign Petition to Protect Eagle Eggs, Then Asked To Sign One For Unborn Babies…

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PragerU's Will Witt recently headed to Echo Park in Los Angeles to ask people to sign a petition protecting eagle eggs and unborn babies.

Bald eagle eggs are protected under federal law, but there is no federal law protecting unborn children from abortion.

Is an eagle egg more valuable than a human baby? According to many left liberals, the answer is yes.

When PragerU’s Will Witt recently headed into liberal Echo Park in Los Angeles to ask folks to sign a petition protecting eagle eggs — i.e., unborn eagles — the folks he encountered were all excited to step up and offer their names in support of saving unhatched birds growing in fragile shells.

“Eagles are people, too,” one woman remarked as she grabbed a pen.

“I hope you save the eagles,” another woman noted as she polished off her signature.

The tables turn

The Blaze reports:

But Witt had another petition on his clipboard right underneath: a call to protect unborn babies.

And the turnabout was stunning.

The same woman who declared “eagles are people, too” hit the brakes when it came to protecting humans in the womb: “I’m pro-abortion. Sorry.”

And the woman who hoped Witt would “save the eagles” put on the red light after encountering the petition protecting unborn babies: “I don’t agree. I fully support abortion.”

WATCH the full video here:

‘It’s the mother’s decision’

What reasons did they give for protecting eagle eggs and not human children in the womb?

“It’s the mother’s decision,” one woman replied, adding that “a human woman should have more rights probably than a bald eagle.”

Another woman noted, “I feel like anyone can make their own decision about their body” and added that “babies are gross.”

“I don’t think eagles have a lot of opinions,” another person said.

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