Nike and Toronto Raptors Are Now Selling Branded Hijabs

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Nike and the Toronto Raptors have launched a new line of branded hijabs to be “more inclusive” of Muslims.

Nike and the Toronto Raptors have launched a new line of branded hijabs to be “more inclusive” of Muslims.

The hijab is a headscarf worn by many Muslim women who feel it is part of their religion to cover their hair and parts of the head. Nike began selling its branded athletic hijabs in 2017, and updated the Nike Pro Hijab line as recently as June with a new design.

On Friday, Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment released images of the new Muslim headcovering featuring the Raptors logo on the side, Global News reported.

In a tweet, the Raptors promoted the hijab saying, “Inspired by those brave enough to change the game. The Toronto Raptors Nike Pro Hijab is available now.

Breitbart report: Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment Senior Marketing Director Jerry Ferguson said that the team was inspired by a Muslim fan group that calls itself the Hijabi Ballers.

The team claims it worked with the Muslim women in the basketball club to design the new hijab.

“One of the things that we are very interested in is moving from saying we are just about inclusivity and accessibility and finding ways to bring products and ideas to market that actually prove that,” Ferguson said.

The founder of Hijabi Ballers, Amreen Kadwa, was thrilled by the team’s collaboration on the headwear.

Kadwa praised the Raptors for “creating an atmosphere where girls who play basketball can do so with more confidence and more empowerment, and actually feel welcome in that space.”

“It’s just the beginning of our relationship with the Raptors and with Nike,” Kadwa added. “And it can only move forward from here. We see a lot of potential for our partnership to grow.”

The headgear will be available at the Raptors’ official store in downtown Toronto.

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