Pedophile In Pope’s Inner Circle Protected By Vatican Since 1943

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A pedophile priest in the pope’s inner circle was allowed to live in Spain protected by ‘mafia’ Vatican for seventy years.

It has been revealed that the Vatican had hidden documents on the child sexual abuse of top Catholic priest Marcial Maciel since 1943.

The Vatican only took action against Maciel, the Legionaries of Christ founder, in 2006, sentencing him to a lifetime of penance and prayer for unspecified crimes. He died in 2008.

The Olive Press reports:  The Catholic Church had 240 documents showing the systematic abuse by Mexican-born Maciel, who was the ally of several popes.

But evidence of his sexual abuse was covered up for seven decades after the first allegation was made in Spain in the early 1940s.

Cardinal João Braz admitted to the shocking findings, saying ‘we’ve been hiding for 70 years, and this has been a huge mistake,’ El Pais reported.

The Brazilian dignitary made his accusations in an interview with the Spanish Catholic magazine Vida Nueva.

He claimed those who covered up the abuse of boys as young as six were a ‘mafia’ and not the Church.

Maciel died in 2008 and was only banned from active ministry in 2006 by Pope Benedict XVI, who told him to retire in Mexico to a life of ‘penance and prayer’.

After the allegations made by Spanish Jesuits in the early 1940s, Maciel was expelled from the Pontifical University of Comillas in northern Spain.

Pope John Paul II was one of those, along with several Spanish bishops, who endorsed Maciel down the years.

After Maciel’s death in 2008, more victims began to come forward with allegations of sexual abuse.

The dad-of-six and alleged morphine addict was even accused of abusing two of his own children.’

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