Churches In America Give Huge Tips To Pizza Delivery Drivers

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A Church in Alaska is bold enough to break away from convention and give generously for pizza delivery

Pizza delivery drivers
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Pastors and church congregations are valuing the prompt delivery of their pizzas by giving over the top tips for pizza delivery.

An Alaskan church has given an astronomical tip of $1,900 to a pizza delivery guy. Earlier another church in Ohio set the trend with a mammoth tip to a pizza delivery gal.

Premier Christian Radio reports:

Ken Felber who has been working as a delivery driver for 14 years was asked by Pastor Dan Krause at Chugach Covenant Church what the biggest tip he had ever recieved.

After replying with $100, the church leader asked “How does a tip of 1,900 sound?”

Mr Felber described the event as the coolest thing that has ever happened to him. He said he does not plan to splash out as he needs new snow tyres and funds to cover medical expenses.

Chugach Covenant Church

Mr Krause said it was an opportunity to do something small that would really have a big impact on somebody’s life.

This act of generosity follows a similar large tip given by a church in Ohio.

Earlier this month, a delivery driver called Natasha shed tears after the congregation of Sycamore Creek Church in Columbus, Ohio, gave her $1,000 after she delivered a $5.99 pizza.


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