New Bill Means Smart Guns Could Replace Traditional Handguns

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A new bill has been put forward that could have a huge impact on the sale of guns in America.

The “Handgun Trigger Safety Act” would mean that anyone selling a one would have to retrofit it with smart gun technology before the sale can be completed. A “smart gun” is one in which the device can only be operated by an “authorized user”. reports:

Last week Markey and Warren introduced The “Handgun Trigger Safety Act”. It would mandate that in 10 years “anyone selling one must retrofit it with personalization technology before that sale can be completed.”

It would also ban the “manufacture in the United States a handgun that is not a personalized handgun” within 5 years of the measure being enacted.

Smart gun technology allows a handgun to only be operated by an authorized user. It generally works through finger or palm print recognition, electronic password or coded lock, or one that needs to be in proximity to a specific watch or bracelet in order to operate.

Currently the technology is pricey. The Armatix iP1 is the first smart handgun to be sold in the U.S. with a reported price of $1,800.

In a press release Markey says, the measure would also “authorize grants to develop and improve ‘personalized’ handgun technology to increase efficacy and decrease costs.”

It would also “provide reimbursement to manufacturers for the costs of retrofitting handguns through the Department of Justice Assets Forfeiture Fund.”

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