Jimmy Savile Had Love Affair With Abuser Peter Jaconelli

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Police reports have surfaced which reveal Jimmy Savile had a sexual relationship with 21-stone child abuser Peter Jaconelli.

The pair were suspected of being part of a paedophile ring in Scarborough that abused 35 children. Neither of them ever faced justice for their crimes.

Mirror.co.uk reports:

The police file says that the late Jaconelli – ­nicknamed King of the Cornets – enticed young boys into his ice cream parlour by throwing cash at them.

It states: “Jaconelli would sexually touch the young boys in a scramble for the money.”

Another intelligence report refers to Savile being a “close associate” of “suspected child abuser” Jaconelli, ­considered untouchable by many victims due to his role as mayor of Scarborough in the 1970s and powerful contacts.

The North Yorkshire Police reports raise further questions over whether Savile, believed to have abused more than 450 victims, could have been stopped and brought to justice before he died aged 84 in 2011.

Surrey, Sussex and the Met police forces missed chances to arrest him or failed to properly investigate him.

The Independent Police Complaints Commission will soon release a report on how the force handled information from a 15-year-old girl in 2002 regarding Savile.

The watchdog’s report will also examine how it treated allegations made by a prison inmate about Jaconelli in December 2008 and January 2009.

As well as running his vast ice cream business, “pillar of the community” Glasgow-born Jaconelli was mayor and chairman of North Yorkshire’s planning committee.

He was once pictured with then Tory Prime Minister Edward Heath on a visit.

In 1970 he entered the ­Guinness Book of Records for downing 512 oysters in 48 minutes and 42 seconds.

He died aged 73 in 1999 and a police report suggests that the day before his funeral the church had the words “Peter sex case” daubed on it.

It is feared he and Savile were part of a wider paedophile ring in the town.

Savile had a home there and was buried in the same cemetery as Jaconelli after his death in 2011.

Savile’s headstone, which has since been removed, included the chilling epitaph: “It was good while it lasted.”

North Yorkshire Police recently admitted that, if alive, both men would likely have faced abuse charges.

Following a probe last year, the force said 35 people had come forward claiming to have been sexually abused or raped by Jaconelli or Savile. Two claimed they were abused by both.

Assistant chief constable Paul Kennedy admitted: “Information indicates that, historically, the police missed opportunities to look into allegations against these men while they were still alive.”

The intelligence report referring to their gay relationship is one of three which mention the Jim’ll Fix It star. Summaries are contained in a heavily censored 27-page report the Sunday Mirror has obtained under Freedom of Information laws.

One reveals how police were told “in the 60s and 70s Jimmy Savile had a flat on Esplanade where he took girls of all ages”.

It adds: “People thought it was normal as he was a pop star.” A summary of the third report claims: “Savile was a close associate of Peter Jaconelli (deceased)… a prominent Scarborough businessman and suspected child abuser.”

It goes on to say that Savile “would regularly use taxis and frequented” a venue which police have blacked out.

After revelations about his abuse emerged in 2012, investigators asked all forces to provide details of reports and allegations received prior to the ­Operation Yewtree investigation.

None of the reports were made known to Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Constabulary when it launched an investigation into potential police failings over Savile.

An internal review found o­rganisational failure but “no evidence of misconduct”. The force says it has now passed the intelligence to Yewtree detectives.

We asked the force for the dates when the intelligence reports were received, but it said we would have to submit a further FOI request. It took five months to respond to our earlier request.

Jaconelli’s nephew Dennis, 63, said: “Peter Jaconelli is not here to defend himself, but we have to have confidence in what the police are saying – it is shocking and traumatic.

“If he did do anything like this it would be despicable, but it was certainly not obvious to us.”

Paedo’s long-lasting link to seaside town

Savile had a home in Scarborough and was buried there in 2011.

Savile’s links to the seaside town are said to have started in his childhood. And after his dad’s death in the 1950s he bought his mother Agnes a three-bedroom flat on the Esplanade.

Pictures from the 1960s show him drinking tea in the flat in his dressing gown, with Agnes – or “The Duchess” as he called her – in the background.

And in July 1967 he was pictured in the centre of a large group of schoolgirls from Woodlands Special School in the town. There is no suggestion Savile abused any girls at Woodlands.

According to intelligence passed to police, the pervert is said to have taken “girls of all ages” to the flat in the 60s and 70s.

The TV presenter and DJ, whose main home was 70 miles away in Leeds, is said to have turned the flat into a “shrine” to his mother after she died in 1972.

Following his death the flat was sold for £170,000. And after claims of his abuse were made on TV in 2012 his £4,000 headstone was removed.

Plans have been drawn up to exhume his body from the cemetery, a footpath sign commemorating Savile was taken down and a plaque outside the flat removed after “paedophile” was written on it.

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