John Cusack Trashes USA: ‘We’re F**king Awful’

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Actor John Cusack says the USA is 'awful'

Trump-hating actor John Cusack, who has a net worth of over $50 million, has trashed the United States, calling it a “f**king awful” place “full of cowards and corporate whores.”

“I was at a ballpark last night. And they did their support the troops ad – that conflate Boeing with troops serving – while supporting the gop – that means funding the insurrection – anti democratic forces – the opposite of what they claim to support – ‘US freedom,’” the Hollywood actor said. 

“They preach freedom at baseball games – but back insurrectionist coups and the overturning of elections – abc the party that would take away black and brown Americans right to vote. Yet they get to wrap themselves in the flag?”

“Had enough yet?” he continued in response to a Twitter user who described Boeing as supporting “highly inflated lucrative government contracts and corporate welfare.” reports: “Let’s call the USA what it is – decadent on the fast track to autocracy – living on the atavistic fumes of ww 2 greatest generation Tver [sic] actually took on fascism and beat it down – We can’t even arrest open criminals in gop- nor a mentally ill white supremacist lawless thug,” he continued.

“We aren’t great – we aren’t even mediocre – we’re fucking awful – full of cowards and corporate whores – Boeing gets to take out tax dollars – parade our soldiers – wrap themselves in the flag – while financially backing fascists?” he continued. “We have no leaders – no soul – Just greed.”

Cusack claimed, with no specificity, Boeing has been giving money to “anti democratic” forces. Open Secrets reveals the company donated more to then-candidate Joe Biden — $123,186, precisely– than to former President Donald Trump. Additionally, it gave $628,472 to the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee and $280,445 to the Democrats’ Senate Majority PAC.

Cusack has not attempted to hide his political opinions, essentially identifying nearly a third of Americans as Nazis during a Twitter rant last year.


  1. Election frauds almost a tradition its bern that widespread Look LBJ only got in because of the 13 box affair Gore ‘ lost ” to Bush because of the chief justice if rhe Supremes etcetera And theres a lot more that never got any media attention at all .Its all about the rule of law

  2. Perhaps John should surrender his u.s. citizenship and move to China. He can surrender his property, wealth and movie star status as well. F him.

  3. In several ways he isn’t exactly wrong. People slam the poor who collect benefits as lazy, self-entitled, etc., etc. yet rarely is the self-entitlement of the rich called out for the government hand-outs they are given.

    • Which outweigh the barely existing income I’d the poor And it’s about corruption The rich are corrupt Selfish greedy thieves usually liars frauds murderers big criminals Mining magnates really are billionaires from war which is a crime against humanity against freedom against national sovereignty. Against democracy really And so on Stars are frauds playing parts ,saying words acting parts that arent them. Politicians too do much the same when they submit to the Party will .Priests are outrageous frauds mostly. The first estate of fraud .Nothing new though unfortunately Its all repeats .

  4. Hes right But hes a coward wirh it Or ignorant. And it’s a third if the world that are nazis ,nit Americans alone. He is in the right track though He will join the dots sooner or later But hes not pointing out the area of essential problem that needs to be exposed so Americans can defend themselves with informed choices. And Americas schools and colleges gave largely bern infiltrated by the enemies if democracy as well as local government banking the law healthscare science entertainment and even all of the religions While americans were smoking pot and listening to songs of freedom. And still are.

  5. .. well John I will admit that America, the USA is not any way close to perfect, she has her beauty and her warts of which make her who she is but warts and all she is still a ways better than alot of the countries those illegals at the border are running away from… so if she is as bad as you say I be thinking they would be trying to breach some other country, no?

  6. Couldn’t have called it better myself. Scamerica is the biggest Pile of Maggot Shit in the Entire Milky Way.

  7. Who’s John Cusuck? Not a spelling error either. This loser hasn’t worked since 1998 and he has deemed average working Americans as Nazis?

    • Predictive programming! There was a British show back in 2013 called Utopia where they had a scientist who develops a vaccine that will sterilize the human race for three generations, and people will eagerly volunteer for it. Amazon remade it for the US in 2020 with John Cusack as the scientist. You can see the relevant clips of both series on YouTube.

  8. He’s an actor, he performing for relevancy. Why does anyone care what anyone in hollyweird says? They require attention to thrive in their profession. If we ignore them, they will in fact, just go away.

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