Democrats Vote To Give Aliens the Right To Vote: “Republicans Will NEVER Win Again”

Fact checked

If Democrats can't win, they cheat.

Democrats vote to allow illegal aliens to vote

House Judiciary Committee Democrats voted to support non-citizens the right to vote in American elections.

They want open elections to match their open borders so that Republicans never get into power again. reports: They TRULY hate this country.

The vote to insert this language that would prevent illegals from voting was shot down by Democrats in a 21 to 12 vote.

Democrats INTEND for illegals to vote in America.

NOT ONE Democrat voted with Republicans on the McClintock Amendment.

Let the whole world vote! Why not?

The historic fraud in the 2020 election wasn’t enough for these demons.

Of course, Trump was aware of their goals.


  1. Trump s in denial He refuses to accept George Washington was far far smarter than any other President in understanding that “the greatest threats to Americas democracy will come from Pope’s” aka Catholics. And why is he in denial? Because Melanias Catholic.
    So he meets the Pope, who OBVIOUSLY dislikes him, but he convinces himself, as part of his denial, that he had a great meeting with the Pope. No he didn’t
    Just like it was perfectly obvious that the Queen so despised him that she could barely stand to be in the same room as him, but had to compose herself and be professional and charming and polite, which she was so good at acting that he s upset he didn’t get invited toher funeral She loathed him, the whole lot if them do All of that circle. Maybe now he’s finally getting it?

    • When Trump met the pope, he presented him with evidence of ALL his numerous crimes, including child trafficking, pedophilia, and more. Pope was forced to play ball with Trump and do what he says. There are tons of videos online showing that that is what happened. Trump used Demon security software to record everything that went on at Trump hotel and has it all.

      • The KING of ROME ake the pope`s and their Vat city leftovers from yester years park is outa CASH so send money fast or they are going to close the vatcity park forver

    • They the collective been throwing smit at him before even his ellection and they will never stop so that means he is not gloing to tow the line4them before he dies thats better than Queenie`ss HO HO sexual service SLAVES and under class building trillionares for nothing

  2. This is fake. I pulled the HR 8770 up and that provision is not in the bill. Not that these demented Dems wouldn’t do something like this, but this article is 100% fake.

  3. Democrats or Republicans, it doesn’t matter who is in office. They are all anti God.

    There is no turning this ship. Oh, and those of you who think there will be a civil war are just kidding yourselves.

    • The civil war is between the U.S. citizens and our govt. It is happening right now but it is not a war of violence, we are fighting in different ways. And in the end, God wins.

      • You cannot fight the government politically because the very foundation of our government is Godless progressive liberalism.

        I know of a few ways to resist but not any real way to fight. If you could enlighten me on some “different ways” to fight I would greatly appreciate it.

        Yes, God wins in the end, but our government doesn’t because it is against God. He is not going to “fix” this country, He is going to destroy it.

  4. It is pretty obvious what the Liberals are doing and at at least 10k per year per person, the taxpayers will be burdened with billions of dollars of debt in the coming years due to these migrants. Trudeau in Canada is doing the exact same thing in Canada with our Southern border at Roxham road where illegals from middle eastern countries have been breaching our border. Its the liberal replacement plan and will lead to perpetual votes forever. Conservatives need to pass a law making it illegal for illegal migrants to vote for life.

    • That doesn’t stop the evil ones from trying. It’s also unconstitutional to infringe on our 2A rights as well as our freedom to choose what measures we take or don’t take pertaining to our health. Forced vaccination for people & animals is unconstitutional. They’ve gotten away with too much lawlessness for too long. It must end now.

  5. Schumer Is an Israeli first, American 2nd – if at all, As MANY “WITHIN” OUR GOVERNMENT ARE. Pelosi Is Also As GUILTY AS THE CORRUPT GET, Just As ALL Of Both Houses of Congress ARE, e.g., they ALL KNEW Obama, a British citizen, and a.k.a. Barry Soetoro, a.k.a. Soebarkah, a.k.a. Harrison Bounel, Illegally Occupied the Office of the President, which Is An Act of War Upon US, And ALL Our public servants At Every level “within” Our Government Stood Silent knowing it – And he Brags Biden is his 3rd term. It’s ALL planned folks – the united states of America And her Citizen Owners, ARE Under Attack And Have Been LIED TO AND “INFRINED” UPON For Years. Your/Our “enemy Is within” Every Level of Our Government And govts. of the World – We ALL, at some level, Should Know this by Now…

    This One World Church-State that ‘they’ Are “pushing forward”, IS “Babylon/the Great Prostitute/Satan’s govt.” That We WERE WARNED WOULD COME ON the World Scene; The people “within it”, SOLD their mortal souls And Humanity (“ONLY GOD – LIFE ITSELF, HAS IMMORTALITY – HIS GIFT IS NEVER-ENDING LIFE THROUGH HIS CHRIST/LAMB.), for what ‘they’ Could Get As long as ‘they’ lived… “JUST AS man IS APPOINTED Once to die, THEN THE JUDGMENT…” – Hebrews 9:27,28; REVELATION 18 – DO NOT COMPLY: REVELATION 14:6-13.

    We Are “clay”: Genesis 2:7; And If these people Persist In ‘the EVIL way’ ‘they’ Are Attempting To “Push” ALL Of Humanity – This Is the agreement between ‘them’ and Satan – ‘they’ agreed to the offer & conditions CHRIST REFUSED; they WILL “…GO INTO DESTRUCTION/PERISH With him”.

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