ISIS Garrote Seven Mosul Civilians

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ISIS terrorists have executed seven people in the Iraqi city of Mosul by garrote.

Local sources report that the 7 citizens, charged with spying, had their heads cut off in front of Mosul residents.

Twisting wires were placed around the necks of the victims and stretched from different directions until they died.

Iraqi News reports:

Sharing details the source said, “The outfit beheaded seven people in the industrial district in Mosul on charges of spying and cooperation with the security services.”

“This came after the Sharia court issued death sentence against the dead. ISIS members wrapped wire around the necks of the accused and cut their heads off,” further added the source seeking anonymity.

The source informed, “The execution was carried out in front of the citizens of the city.”

ISILISIL Garrotes 7 Mosul Civilians on charges of spying and cooperation with security bodies,” according to Fars News:

The Mosul residents were beheaded in front of the city’s residents to make them more intimidated.

In a relevant development in early August, the ISIL butchers filmed themselves beheading two men in front of children at a busy park, apparently located in Mosul city.

The video, released from the terror group’s news channel Wilayat Ninawa, shows two knife-wielding terrorists in commando gear with their faces on show delivering a rant in French.

In the video footage, they also threaten more attacks on the streets of Paris, Marseilles and Nice and call out President Francois Hollande before taking the small knives to decapitate the two victims.

The video was released on July 20 on ISIL terrorist channels and is labelled as coming from ‘Wilayat’ Ninawa in Iraq.

Ninawa is one of ISIL’s most important occupied territories, and includes the Iraqi city of Mosul.

The identities of the victims is still unknown, but there is speculation on forums the light-haired victim on the right in the video is European.

ISIL’s butchers claim they are Iraqi Shiite soldiers that were captured in Nineveh Province, Iraq.ISIL

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