British Prisons Haven’t Enough Room To Jail All Paedophiles

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There are so many paedophiles we can't jail them all says Police chief

The president of the Police Superintendents’ Association of England and Wales suggests that peadophiles guilty of lower level offenses should be diverted to mental health treatment programs instead of prisons.

Citing the rapidly growing sex offenders’ register, Chief Superintendent Gavin Thomas warned that the police do not have the resources to properly monitor all of those on the list and calls for a different approach to rehabilitate child sex offenders.

Thomas said a rethink was needed about those who downloaded abuse images but did not commit contact offences.

RT reports:

“One of the major concerns from our members is managing the register already, and it’s growing. For offenders at the highest level there are visits to be made [and] monitoring access to the internet,” he told the Times.

“Should we be going down the criminal justice route or, based on a proper assessment, should we be going down the health route? At the moment I am not seeing alternative thinking on how we deal with this issue as it grows and grows and grows,” he said.

There are nearly 45,000 offenders on the register today, up from 32,000 a decade ago.

Child sex allegations have risen by 80 percent in the three years to 2015 according to Simon Bailey, the national police lead for child protection and abuse.

Bailey revealed in March that the cost of investigating child sex abuse hit £1 billion (US$1.3 billion) last year, with the average cost of an investigation priced at £19,000. Bailey expects investigations to hit £3 billion by 2020.

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