Plane Makes Emergency Landing On Route 72 [VIDEO]

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Video surveillance footage of a small plane making an emergency landing on Jersey Shore Highway


Police have released video footage of an emergency landing of a small plane by a skillful pilot along a busy highway in Stafford, New Jersey.

A pilot was forced to land on the busy Route 72 highway in Stafford, N.J., after his single-engine plane lost power. The plane had five people on board, some of whom were from a local skydiving center.
The video shows how the pilot manages to avoid obstacles and cars. Without causing any injuries or accidents the plane lands on the grass median between the two lane highway.

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Plane Emergency Landing on Highway in New Jersey ( VIDEO).
Insane video shows an emergency airplane landing in the middle of a busy highway.

Washington Post reports:

In the video, the plane rapidly approaches the busy highway and the pilot finds a gap in the traffic, maneuvering around several cars, before steering the plane into the median.

Five people were aboard the single-engine plane including a skydiving instructor and three students.

“He hit the ground and bounced a couple times,” said Shawn Maloney, who witnessed the landing. “Nice and easy and then hit the median in the grass and he went back and forth a little bit and just missed cars by a few feet maybe. And power lines too.”

Stafford Officer Christopher Fritz told that the plane lost power, “forcing the pilot to make an emergency landing on the grass median between the east and westbound lanes of Route 72.”