Trudeau Orders Military To Round Up ‘Conspiracy Theorists’ In Reeducation Camps

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Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has ordered the Canadian military to track and trace so-called "conspiracy theorists" who disapprove of his WEF-inspired agenda as the global elite's war against dissenters goes into overdrive.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has ordered the Canadian military to track and trace so-called “conspiracy theorists” who disapprove of his WEF-inspired agenda as the global elite’s war against dissenters goes into overdrive.

According to Canadian sources, military personnel and police officers are going door-to-door in select provinces, performing so-called “wellness checks” on behalf of the Trudeau regime.

However, in reality, these wellness checks are nothing more than the Trudeau regimes latest ruse to punish those who oppose the globalist agenda and exclude them from society.

Trudeau has already exposed his authoritarian nature, issuing gun confiscation orders, freezing protesters’ bank accounts, and issuing threats about crushing the Freedom Convoy with tanks.

But if you think the panicked Trudeau government let the authoritarian WEF agenda influence government policy, you ain’t seen nothing yet.

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Like a hammy drama teacher over-enthusiastically throwing himself into a school production role, WEF Young Global Leader Justin Trudeau has embraced Klaus Schwab’s dystopian agenda more fully than any other world leader.

Schwab declared war on so-called “conspiracy theorists” during the so-called Covid pandemic and Justin Trudeau was quick to follow suit, clumsily railing against critical thinkers in Canadian society who could see through his lies.

According to Trudeau, “conspiracy theorists” are to blame for all the ills of modern society including the fact that nobody trusts the mainstream media anymore.

The Trudeau regime has now introduced an Orwellian law called the Online Harms Bill C-63, which will give police the power to retroactively search the Internet for ‘hate speech’ violations and arrest offenders – even if the alleged offense occurred before the law existed.

The real shocker in this bill is the alarming retroactive aspect.

Essentially, under this law, whatever you have said in the past can now be weaponized against you by today’s extreme woke standards.

Historian Dr. Muriel Blaive has weighed in on this draconian law, labeling it outright “mad” and pointing out that even Orwell’s Thought Police didn’t go as far as Trudeau.

One has to wonder: with this new bill on the table, shouldn’t Justin Trudeau be facing fines, or perhaps even jail time, for his numerous historical blackface performances?

But in all seriousness, this is bone-chilling, dystopian stuff coming out of Canada, and don’t think it couldn’t happen in the US and the rest of the Western world, because that is exactly what the globalists are planning.

When Klaus says jump, the mainstream media says “how high” and they are already making the case for total government surveillance as we speak.

As Benjamin Franklin said, “Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.”

Trudeau is attempting to suppress dissent against the establishment by introducing fines up to $70,000 per offense and life in prison for what his government deem online “hate speech.”

Fact checkers and liberals south of the border have dismissed claims that the Trudeau regime is moving into full scale dictatorial mode and the freedom of Canadians is now on a knife-edge.

According to the liberal media, the Trudeau regime would have to mobilize the military and law enforcement to monitor every Canadian household for hate speech.

Which is a step they would never take, right? Oh…

What do Klaus Schwab’s Young Global Leaders all have in common? They are all the enemies of their people.

And make no mistake, the people are rising up against them.

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