Beto O’Rourke Served Poop to Wife; Told Her It Was “Avocado”

Fact checked
Beto O'Rourke once fed his wife child's poop and pretended it was avocado

Democratic presidential hopeful Beto O’Rourke once served his wife a piece of their child’s poop and told her it was an avocado.

The information comes from a Washington Post article about O’Rourke’s marriage, relayed by a friend of the couple. Although neither O’Rourke nor his wife Amy confirmed its accuracy, O’Rourke acknowledge that it sounded like something he would do. reports: “One time, according to a friend, Beto collected an especially verdant turd from one of their kids’ diapers and put it in a bowl, telling Amy it was avocado,” the story reads.

The former Texas congressman said that he decided to run for president in 2020 while brushing his teeth. O’Rourke proposed to his wife Amy on April Fool’s Day. Coincidentally, his mother had once been on a date with Amy’s father.

As well as the incident involving the “avocado” – a favorite fruit of hipsters – the presidential candidate also made use of a remote-controlled cockroach and dabbled in shower scare pranks inspired by the movie Psycho .

The presidential hopeful has come under fire recently over comments about his marriage, joking that his wife was raising their three kids “sometimes with his help.”

He apologized for that comment, as well as for the bizarre writings he penned while a teenage member of a hacking organization – including a poem in which he asked a cow to “wax my ass” and “scrub my balls.”


    • Yes, he also wrote about his fantasies of murdering people. Nice guy NOT. He has the sense of humor a 6 y.o. does.

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