CNN’s Stelter: Lou Dobbs Firing Is Sweet Justice for Supporting ‘Evil’ Trump

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CNN's Brian Stelter celebrates firing of Lou Dobbs

CNN’s chief media correspondent Brian Stelter boasted on Friday that the firing of Lou Dobbs by Fox News was an inevtiable consequence of Dobbs’ support for President Trump.

After news broke on Saturday that Fox News Media was cancelling the “Lou Dobbs Tonight” show, Brian immediately sprung into action, appearing on air to claim that Dobbs’ association with Trump made him “accountable” for his firing.

“It’s Dobbs’ extreme content that is the issue and his weakness with advertisers. Of course, he was a sycophant for President Trump. One of Trump’s biggest boosters on TV, and now there is less use for that,” Stelter told viewers.

“Dobbs isn’t going to be seen anywhere any time soon. Fox is sitting him on the bench. They will pay him to stay off TV for the time being”

He added, “There is a massive lawsuit breathing down Fox’s neck another possible lawsuit imminent, and the next day they fire Lou Dobbs. This is two plus two equals four, but it’s also five, six and seven. Dobbs was a troublemaker for Fox even before spreading the lie about the election. Advertisers didn’t want to be anywhere near him. His show actually wasn’t profitable, according to sources at the network. There are a lot of factors. The biggest factor is the obvious one. The big lie about the election actually has consequences. Maybe not for President Trump. Maybe he’ll get off on the impeachment trial, but at least for people that peddled his lies, they are being held accountable.”


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