Goat Leg Seen At Busy London Bus Shelter For A Month

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A stinky rotten piece of goat leg has been seen (and smelt) by bus users near Battersea, South London.

What appears to be the leg of a hoofed animal is sitting on top of a bus shelter.

It’s in close proximity to one of London’s busiest transport hubs, Clapham Junction.

London commuters have reported seeing the dismembered piece of flesh for over a month.

The matter has been referred to Wandsworth council, who in turn have referred it to the Transport for London (TfL) officials. People of the area are asking for the hoofed rotten leg to be removed from the bus shelter.

Your Local Guardian reports:

People have described seeing a hoof hanging over the bus shelter Y, outside Nationwide bank, in Saint John’s Road.

It is not known how the leg came to be on the bus stop roof. It could have been thrown out of a bus window as a joke or perhaps something more sinister – a cloven hoof has long been associated with the devil.

Suzanne Perkins, a graphic designer from Battersea, said she was horrified when her friend pointed out the rotting flesh on the bus stop roof.

People waiting for buses have at times reported a bad smell coming from the leg.

Ms Perkins said: “I was at the bus stop with a friend and she said ‘do you realise what’s up there?’ and I had a look. You can see very clearly a hoof and a hip bone.goat leg

“She said it’s been there since March. It’s not just like it’s been there for one or two days – it has been up there for a month.

“Why has it been there so long? What is going on with general street cleaning?

“It’s just awful. It is weird and bizarre. I think it’s funny in a sense of it being a bizarre object but really quite serious when you think what is happening in the urban environment?”

The bus stop is not far from Clapham Junction, one of the busiest station’s in Europe, at the heart of Battersea.

The leg was reported to the council by a Twitter user, who thought it might be a leg of lamb, on April 12. The council then referred it to Transport for London (TfL). The leg was still on the roof yesterday afternoon.


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