ISIS Fire Rockets At Israel

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ISIS fire rockets at Israel

On Tuesday night ISIS reportedly launched rockets into Southern Israel from the Gaza strip. 

The videos below show rockets intercepted by the Iron Dome Aerial Defense System. reports:

The Umar Hadid Troops, an ISIS affiliate in Gaza, claimed responsibility for the launch.

Alarms sounded in Ashdod, Ashkelon Coast Regional Council, and the Yavne and Lachish regions before the rocket landed. This was the first time since the 2014 Operation Protective Edge that alarms sounded in these areas. No injuries or damage were reported.

In response, the IAF targeted four Hamas terror sites in the Gaza Strip, IDF Spokesman Lt. Col. Peter Lerner announced. “This evening, the third day of the Jewish holiday of Sukkot, a rocket was fired at Southern Israel sending the residents of Ashdod as well as several surrounding communities to nearby bomb-shelters. Hamas is responsible and will be held accountable for every attack emanating from the Gaza Strip. The IDF will continue defending all Israelis who are repeatedly attacked by such blatant acts of aggression,” Lerner said in an email statement.

Tuesday night’s launch was the fourth such event in recent weeks, following an attack a week ago Monday, when a rocket exploded in an open area in the Ashkelon Coast Regional Council. The rocket did not cause the activation of the “color red” alert system because there was no fear that the rocket would fall in populated areas.

A few days earlier, a rocket exploded in Sderot and the fragments caused damage to a bus and an adjacent building. Also, a woman in her 40s was treated for shock. A few hours later, the Iron Dome system intercepted a rocket in skies of Ashkelon. The ISIS affiliated Umar Hadid Troops took responsibility for that attack.

תקשיבו לקולות של הילדים הקטנים, לפחד והחרדה. ראו את האמא שרצה עם ילדתה הקטנה כדי להספיק לתפוס מחסה.אי אפשר לקבל את הקולות והמראות האלה. אסור לנו להסכים לכך שאזרחי ישראל יהיו כבולים בידי הרצונות של המחבלים והעיקר שסיפרו לנו ש״צוק איתן״ היה מבצע מוצלח. תגובת צה״ל הלילה, בהתאם להנחיות הדרג המדיני, היא בדיחה הזויה וברור שלא רק שלא תמנע את הירי הבא, אלא אף תקרב אותו. (צילומים הלילה: שמעון רביבו ויהודה כהן).

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