CIA Plotted Julian Assange Assassination – Stunning Admission

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CIA planned kidnap and assassination of Julian Assange - stunning admission

The CIA plotted to kidnap and assassinate WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, according to stunning testimony by several brave whistleblowers within the intelligence agency.

Wikileaks’ publication of information related to CIA hacking created extreme anger against the journalist within the CIA. Officials within the intelligence agency sought to develop plans for a possible assassination operation targeting Assange, according to a Yahoo News investigation. reports: Around the same time, CIA personnel were monitoring video surveillance footage of Assange associates and Assange himself, seeking means to disrupt Wikileaks by sowing internal discord within the organization.

Then-Trump administration CIA director Mike Pompeo was bent on revenge against Assange, siding with the US Deep State in an attempt to silence Assange’s journalism. The United States continues to seek extradition of Assange after the United Kingdom arrested Assange on supposed violation of bail conditions. One British judge has already denied an extradition request, citing human rights concerns surrounding the US federal prison system.

The CIA’s cavalier plans targeting Assange were ultimately shot down by Trump White House lawyers. Some CIA personnel concerned with the legality of kidnapping and assassination plots also brought the matter to the attention of members of Congress. The Department of Justice also worried outlandish plots to kidnap or assassinate Assange would ruin attempts to prosecute him for alleged involvement in plots to release classified information.

Assange is most known for exposing internal Democratic Party communications that revealed the party’s 2016 presidential primary was rigged against Bernie Sanders in favor of Hillary Clinton. Assange remains imprisoned at Belmarsh Prison in England on bail offenses, with the United States continuing to seek his extradition and prosecution under the Biden administration.