Hmm.. “MH370: Indonesia Alerted ‘Floating Debris’ Of Missing Malaysia Airlines Plane May Wash Up On Its Coastline”

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An interesting article from (source):  Indonesia has been alerted that wreckage of missing Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 may wash up its coastline, media reports said. Malaysia is optimistic that the new phase of the underwater search will locate the jetliner, which mysteriously disappeared March 8 with 239 people on board.

The Australian Transport Safety Bureau, ATSB, which is leading the search for the Boeing 777 from Perth, reportedly said that they have alerted the authorities in Indonesia about the possibility that debris of the plane may be washed up on its coastline. It also reportedly said that they have been receiving messages from the public about having spotted objects thought to be possible debris on the Australian coastline.

“The ATSB reviews all of this correspondence carefully, but drift modeling undertaken by the Australian Maritime Safety Authority has suggested that if there were any floating debris, it is far more likely to have travelled west, away from the coastline of Australia,” the agency said, according to The Sydney Morning Herald.

“It is possible that some materials may have drifted to the coastline of Indonesia and an alert has been issued in that country requesting that the authorities be alerted to any possible debris from the aircraft.”

The search for Flight MH370, which has entered its seventh month, resumed after a four-month break in September, and has so far yielded no concrete clues as to the whereabouts of the aircraft.

Malaysia’s Defense Minister Hishammuddin Hussein reportedly said Wednesday that he is “99.9 percent optimistic” that sonar technology, which is currently being used in the ongoing search for the missing Malaysia Airlines plane, will bring positive results.

“Based on the technology available and that we are looking at the right place, we are that much optimistic. The technical committee will also continue to zoom into the areas of search. Malaysia remains committed to finding the plane and we will find it,” Hussein said, according to New Straits Times Online.

Hussein reportedly inspected the search vessel GO Phoenix at Fremantle Port in Perth.

“All that could have been done to find the plane at this point has been done,” he told Sky News Australia. “This is it, the next phase. The search goes on.”

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