Horrific: Woman Sexually Assaulted In Court As Judge Watches

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“That’s my Momma! Don’t take my Momma!” – 3-year-old daughter can be heard screaming to the Judge as they handcuff the mother after being sexually abused by the police officer. 

Monica Contreras who suffered the horrific ordeal was eventually awarded $200k in settlement after suing County Court Judge Patricia Doninger and police officer Ron Fox. Both of them were fired from their posts.

In the video you see a mother and her three-year-old daughter attending a minor non-criminal proceeding.

During the proceeding, Officer Ron Fox unexpectedly orders the mother to enter a private room for a random “drug search”. There, he allegedly fondles her breasts and violates her body against her will.

Systematic abuse at Nevada Court house uncovered?

Whilst being attacked Monica begged the judge to help her and stop the officer, but the judge repeatedly ignored her pleas.

Filmingcops.com reports:

The officer then places Monica in handcuffs as tears stream down her face.

“That’s my momma!” her three-year-old daughter can be saying.

“Don’t take my momma!”

The officers then separated the mother from her child, locked the mother up after sexually assaulting her, and gave the child to a government “child service.”

Other government employees then had Monica’s daughter all to themselves for several hours.

After two months, Monica was finally free and able to press charges against the government officials.

Judge Doninger and other employees of the Court were investigated for a cover-up of sexual abuse.

Officer Fox denied the sexual abuse, but was fired.

About a year later, Monica filed a federal lawsuit against both officers and against the Judge, as well as the State of Nevada.

“The wrongful conduct of defendant Fox was intentional and evilly motivated, and the wrongful conduct of defendants Kenyon and Doninger involved reckless, callous and deliberate indifference to plaintiff’s federally protected rights,” states the complaint.

What happened to Monica brought national attention to the court, and other employees and judges are under investigation for misconduct.

Televisions, public schooling, mainstream State-run media, and cinematic programming has convinced most Americans that courts and police are to be thought of as “justice.”

Individuals who dress in black robes and command Americans to be locked in cages are called “Judge” and “Your Honor.”


  1. As far as I’m concerned their isn’t alot of justice in court anyway! People swear on the Bible and lie their heads off.Even children are taught to lie and witness against parents,led by court officials.It’s more of the same ,plain ole BS.

  2. they all deserve to go to prison, he clearly did it why else would he overreact to what is just an accusation. she asked for a woman officer and by law they have to provide one. the man who arrested her deserves 10 years. horrible what they did to this woman and her little girl.

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