Cancer Surgeon Fired For Telling Truth About Medical Establishment

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Internationally renowned cancer surgeon Joseph Meirion Thomas has had a vicious hate campaign waged against him.  First, superiors in the medical system tried to shut him up, now they have fired him.

From Natural News:

The courageous 69-year-old surgeon has been fired from the Royal Marsden Hospital in London because he started speaking the truth about the faults of the National Health Service (NHS) in the UK while questioning the quality of care that general practitioners provide.

The more he told the truth, the more backlash he received from the medical establishment. Hospital chiefs have not only called Thomas’s criticisms a “misrepresentation of facts,” but they have resorted to name calling. One attack came from Daniel Sommer, a doctor at London’s Charing Cross. He said that Dr. Thomas should “shut the f*** up!” and added that he is nothing more than a “clueless xenophobe who is completely out of touch with reality.”

Prideful, ego-driven medical establishment not willing to admit its faults

The medical establishment, like any other organized power structure, does not willingly admit its faults. Driven by ego, people in allegiance to the medical establishment refuse to look weak or wrong in how they systematically go about their jobs. This ego keeps the establishment from improving its practice and care. This pride stops the medical field from progressing into a fully integrative, diverse, open-minded, solution-based system. The status quo remains, bound by stubbornness.

This limits the power of healing in the profession. This unwillingness to admit shortcomings propels the establishment to come out against anyone who speaks the truth about the faults in the system. The concerted attacks against Joseph Meirion Thomas are a perfect example of this. Whistleblowers are often hunted down and discredited like witches, but these are the people who could inspire great improvements in society if only the power structures were humble and listened to whistleblowers’ concerns, skepticism and insights.

Whistleblower explains how general practitioners lack time to care for patients

Dr. Thomas wrote four comment pieces for the Daily Mail. Two of the pieces focused on the impact of health tourism in the UK. His calm expose pointed out how foreigners were abusing the NHS, making the system more prone to economic collapse. In the third piece, he discussed the burden female doctors were putting on the NHS after going through extensive training and then leaving the field to have families.

The more he addressed problems in the NHS, the more he ran into opposition. His fourth piece drew the most ire. In that piece, Thomas questioned Britain’s modern general practitioner system and how doctors have become increasingly unavailable to patients. Thomas said that general practitioners hardly provide “remotely personal” service. He told the truth: doctors aren’t willing to work out of hours or see patients more than once.

His employer, the Royal Marsden Hospital in London, said his opinion pieces have put the institution into “disrepute.” A number of practitioners lashed back at Thomas, calling him “ignorant, unprofessional and misinformed”. Bosses harassed and bullied him and said that general practitioners would stop referring their patients to him if he didn’t stop.

The hospital’s chief executive went to great lengths to silence Thomas. He tried to force the 69-year-old surgeon into signing a document pledging obedience to the hospital and promising that he would not write any more opinion articles unless he had permission. Thomas refused and was forced out of the hospital.

Instead of listening to people like Dr. Thomas and working on ways to improve the medical system, the stubborn medical establishment banishes people like him, forsaking positive change. In the meantime, the general practitioner system will continue to be economically unsustainable with doctor-per-patient time dwindling.

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