Proof Of Atlantis As ‘Mythical’ Metals Found

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‘Mythical Metal’ of legendary Atlantis may have been discovered

A shipwreck dating 600 B.C. has been found 1000 feet from Gela, Sicily. 39 ingots (a solid piece of metal that has been formed into a particular shape so that it is easy to handle or store) are being analysed to see whether they are made from a rare metal ‘orichalcum’. If they are found to be made of this metal it may offer proof for the existence of Atlantis.

Why orichalcum? How does it relate to Atlantis?

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Plato’s dialogue Critias contains the story of Atlantis and describes the Temple of Poseidon as having an interior covered in a red metal called orichalcum and a pillar also made of orichalcum on which the laws of Poseidon were inscribed. That mysterious metal, whose value was said to second only to gold, sank along with Atlantis and was never seen again. 

The ancient Greeks thought orichalcum was invented by Cadmus, the mythical founder and first king of Thebes. The Antiquities of the Jews – Book VIII says the vessels in the Temple of Solomon were made of orichalcum. Historians think it was a brass-like alloy made with zinc ore, charcoal and copper metal in a cremation process. Today it’s popular in video games and novels as a metal for making weapons and armor. So, do we finally have some of the real thing?