VIDEO: America’s 10 Most Haunted Abandoned Places

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Here are 10 of America’s most haunted abandoned places.

America’s 10 Most Haunted Abandoned Buildings

These building may look unoccupied, but according to many, they’re far from it.

Here are 10 of America’s most haunted abandoned places.

Number 10. Mansfield Reformatory, Mansfield, Ohio. Numerous individuals were executed or murdered here, and several others committed suicide. The ones who continue to cause the greatest disturbances are the 100 or so inmates who simultaneously spent 30 days in solitary confinement cells. The maximum capacity at the time was supposed to be 20 people.

Number 9. Bannerman Castle, Beacon, New York. The island this place sits on was declared haunted long before the Bannermans ever broke ground. Local Native Americans stayed clear of it due to its population of malevolent spirits. Further, the area is believed to be the stomping ground of the sunken Flying Dutchman ship and its ghostly crew.

Number 8. Remington Arms Factory, Bridgeport, Connecticut. When operations were in full swing, this was one of the largest munitions factories in the world. Output was more important than safety, and as a result a number of workers perished on the job. Police still patrol the abandoned plant, and say disembodied screams are a usual occurrence.

Number 7. North Brother Island, New York, New York. Located only a few hundred yards from a highly populated section of the Bronx, this seldom visited place once served as a quarantine center. One of its occupants was Typhoid Mary, the Irish immigrant who spread the namesake infection, but showed no symptoms herself.

Number 6. Waverly Hills Sanatorium, Louisville, Kentucky. It’s a cornucopia of spooky. Cold spots, chilling cries, wandering apparitions, and generally creepy feelings can be found just about everywhere. People wanting to experience the best of what it’s got to offer are urged to visit the 5th floor.

Number 5. Hart Island, New York, New York. Both a defunct mental hospital and a shuttered prison can be found here, so that there are lots of reports of mysterious anguished cries and whispers isn’t entirely surprising. By the way, this is also where New York City currently lays unclaimed corpses to rest.

Number 4. American Flats, Virginia City, Nevada. This former boomtown is on the brink of demolition, as its state of advanced decay has made it quite dangerous. That hasn’t stopped a number of cults and ghost hunters from frequenting the grounds. The tunnels are said to have among the highest levels of supernatural activity, and unexplained footsteps have been heard in them.

Number 3. Elizabeth V. Edwards Elementary School, Barnegat, New Jersey. The spirit that haunts this place is regarded as being benevolent, but a bit of a prankster. One man said he passed the school and saw a light on in one of the rooms. When he went in to turn it off, he discovered that there were no light bulbs in the fixtures.

Number 2. Holy Land USA, Waterbury, Connecticut. Once a thriving religious theme park, this locale has since become a tourist destination of the paranormal kind. The first ghost sighting was reported in 1984. A woman was seen standing by the dilapidated gates and entering a phantom car.

Number 1. Mudhouse Mansion, Lancaster, Ohio. The proprietor of this estate is rumored to have kept slaves for some time after the conclusion of the Civil War. It was is inhumane treatment of them that led to his demise. A slave reportedly freed himself from a locked building one evening and murdered the owner and his family.

Which place sounds the most frightening to you?

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