Fully Jabbed Chief of Emergency Medicine Dies ‘Suddenly and Expectedly’ While Jogging

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Fully jabbed chief of medicine dies 'suddenly and unexpectedly'

Dr. Paul Hannam, the Chief of Emergency Medicine and Program Medical Director at North York General Hospital (NYGH), died “suddenly and unexpectedly” on Saturday while out jogging, according to his colleagues.

According to his colleagues, the cause of his death is a mystery at present. He was fully jabbed.

Chief Medical Strategy Officer at Mount Sinai Hospital, Howard Ovens, announced the sudden death of Dr. Hannam via Twitter.

“Canadian Emergency Medicine is in mourning tonight,” Ovens tweeted.

“Paul Hannam, Olympic sailor, marathon runner, family man, ED director ⁦at NYGH, a sweet, thoughtful, compassionate and gentle man died suddenly today on a run. The quintessential mensch. Hug someone you love.”

Thegatewaypundit.com reports:

When asked if an autopsy is being done to ease public concerns, Dr. Oven responded that Dr. Hannam is not a public figure and his family deserves privacy and respect.

Dr. Oven retweeted a post from another doctor arguing that sudden cardiac death during exercise is virtually always caused by an arrhythmia and not by a vaccine.

Tributes have poured in following Hannam’s passing.


  1. Arrhythmia is the leading cause of sudden death from exercise heart failure.. what are the probable causes of his arrhythmia? Nowhere can I find reference to this man’s age. All condolences to his family and friends.

    • All I have found so far.

      On July 17, 2022, the well-known physician Paul Hannam passed away unexpectedly. The death of a much-loved family member at such a young age must have been a terrible tragedy for the Hannam family, particularly for Rosemary Hannam, who was married to him.

      • No one ever heard of him except his work mates and his sailor mates And widows usually do grieve there husbands. He wasn’t a celebrity.

    • Condolences for what? You don’t even know him from a bar of soap or them . You haven’t a clue even about any of them and they don’t know you and most likely never will.. What are you writing as if they’re your personal associates for?

      • Such anger.. I give condolences as it’s the decent thing to do. Put it down to a family upbringing, something of a classical education and an early exposure to Galsworthy. I’ll avoid the obvious question to you; why would you care about my condolences for this man’s family? You are at least as ignorant of me and that man as you accuse me to be of him. Always a pleasure.

  2. Hearts out to his family.

    “Paul Hannam, Olympic sailor, marathon runner, family man, ED director ⁦at NYGH, a sweet, thoughtful, compassionate and gentle man died suddenly today on a run. The quintessential mensch. Hug someone you love.”

      • If you want those who knew him to read your message put on in the local paper where his Funeral notices will be. But strangers don’t do that Not normal people anyway

  3. All these medical quacks that still defend and standby the clot-shot are the very people that should be sounding the alarm. Yet, they do not – even in the face of undeniable evidence. There is no fool like the indoctrinated fool.

  4. The family is all jabbed and they don’t want to know so there will be NO autopsy. And, even if there IS an autopsy, they will NEVER voluntarily tell the results because that would be implicating the jab and they can’t have that.

    Now, if the embalmer happens to have video of all those clots they have to pull out of the good doctor’s veins in order to replace them with embalming fluid . . .

    • Or the opposite In Germany the Catholic Nazi party actually killed the intellectuals who opposed them first before anyone else.

  5. Your headline is “Fully Jabbed Chief of Emergency Medicine Dies ‘Suddenly and Expectedly [sic]’ While Jogging: if it was expected, what, then, is the problem?

  6. Course She was very healthy. You don’t drop dead of heart attacks for no reason unless you have heart condition or aneurism. She didn’t have a heart condition. Nowadays everyone goes to the Dr all the time so there should be zero surprise deaths.

  7. Its very sad that his fellow physicians aren’t even honest enough, don’t care enough, to even consider whether the jab killed him… Some friends.

    A ‘vaccine’ does not cause a heart attack, but arrythmia does… so what the heck caused the arrythmia? Exactly.

    And this thing they are injecting into people isn’t even a vaccine… its something else… according to the makers.

    Wonder how many jabs the good doctor gave out? And the results.

    • And they all comply to protect their income If they were paid more to drive a school bus than be a Dr there wouldn’t be many drs . And if they weren’t “valued” by the elite for acting as their agents and weren’t paid way more than every one else they wouldn’t be protecting Pfizers or big Pharma.

  8. Paul Hannam is one-of-one-billion who will die from the Jab. Proof: the “Vaccine” is poison designed to kill You.

  9. Fact is healthy people died of heart attacks during exercise. The risk is much higher after 40. What gets me here is how they go out of their way to convince you that it has nothing to do with the vaccine. The fact they are referring it to antivax garbage tells you they already know there is a problem. Before the vaccine 20-30 professional athletes a year would collapse on the fields worldwide. Now we are pushing 900. Those who were forced to get vaccinated in order to pursue their careers. Now we have kids and teenagers dropping. This is not antivax garbage.

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