How To Exempt Yourself From Macron’s Authoritarian French Spy Bill

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The illegitimate President of France Emmanuel Macron has enacted a dystopian bill authorizing the government to spy on everybody in France through their smartphones, cars and connected devices… without the need for a warrant. 

The illegitimate President of France Emmanuel Macron has enacted a dystopian bill authorizing the government to spy on everybody in France through their smartphones, cars and connected devices… without the need for a warrant. 

The French Spy Bill grants authorities the ability to remotely access the cameras and microphones on your devices, whenever they feel like it, without a warrant, and without you even knowing about it. 

As part of a wider justice reform bill enacted after weeks of devastating riots in France, lawmakers in the World Economic Forum-penetrated National Assembly passed the bill on Wednesday night.

According to the French digital rights advocacy group, La Quadrature du Net, the provisions “raise serious concerns over infringements of fundamental liberties, and violate the “right to security, right to a private life and to private correspondence” and also “the right to come and go freely.”

The group called it part of a “slide into heavy-handed security” and the US “Patriot Act on steroids.”

Lawmakers from the left and right have also slammed the French spy bill, declaring that it is an “authoritarian snoopers’ charter.”

Nobody in France wants this bill, so why has it been enacted? The answer is could not be more disturbing.

Former Rothschild banker Emmanuel Macron has handed France over to globalist control and now takes his orders from the corridors of power in Davos.

Thin-skinned Macron, who was selected by the WEF, not elected, has already started how he intends to go on, prosecuting anybody he catches insulting him, while he continues destroying the Republic from the inside.

Schwab, who is no longer pretending his Young Global Leaders are anything more than puppets, spoke to the French media and told French citizens that if they have nothing to hide from the elite, then they have nothing to be afraid of.

This is the sorry state of affairs in a WEF-penetrated country. France has fallen, and things will only get worse until the people reclaim the nation’s sovereignty.

Schwab has created a reality for French people in which they are under constant surveillance and they must be on their best behavior, using politically correct language, correct pronouns, and avoiding “wrongthink” at all times – or else they will be put on a list and punished in the future.

You have heard of cancel culture, in which someone can lose their job, their livelihood, their family, for something they posted on social media years ago.

The WEF are now going to hold this kind of power over everyone based on everything they have ever said within earshot of their cellphone and devices.

This is exactly the kind of authoritarian evil that George Orwell warned us about.

And in case you think this is only happening in France, think again. These Orwellian laws are coming to all WEF-infiltrated countries soon.

When the global elite show you who they are, you should listen. Watch:

Do the elite really believe we are going to roll over and let them implement their authoritarian plans for world domination without a fight? The short answer is yes, this is exactly what they expect of us.

But they are wrong. The people are slowly but surely waking up and demanding the right to live our lives unmolested by the Satanists, globalists, and pedophiles who are intent on ushering in the New World Order.

Here at The People’s Voice, we have uncovered a legal loophole for sovereign citizens to opt out of this Orwellian new spy law.  In the small print of the bill, the Macron regime has prohibited itself from spying on journalists.

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