Biden Breaks ‘Unity’ Pledge by Backing Trump Impeachment

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Biden supports Trump impeachment

President Biden abandoned his pledge to seek “unity,” declaring Monday that the impeachment trial of Donald Trump “has to happen.”

Biden had previously hinted that he might oppose the trial in favor of bringing unity to the country.

But on Monday, as House impeachment managers delivered the articles of impeachment to the Senate, Biden enthusiastically declared his support for the conviction of Trump:

President Joe Biden on Monday offered his most extensive comments since taking office on former President Donald Trump’s impeachment trial, telling CNN, “I think it has to happen.”

Biden made the comment during a brief one-on-one interview with CNN in the halls of the West Wing. He acknowledged the effect it could have on his legislative agenda and Cabinet nominees but said there would be “a worse effect if it didn’t happen.”

Biden told CNN he believed the outcome would be different if Trump had six months left in his term, but said he doesn’t think 17 Republican senators will vote to convict Trump. reports: Five days before, Biden devoted his Inaugural Address to the theme of “unity,” mentioning the word no fewer than eight times. Yet despite knowing that the Senate is unlikely to convict Trump, and despite campaigning on the urgency of coronavirus relief, the 46th president is not only tolerating, but actively encouraging an effort to punish the 45th — who is no longer in office.

Many Republican Senators are arguing publicly that the Senate lacks jurisdiction to try a former president:

Biden said in his Inaugural Address: “[T]o restore the soul and to secure the future of America – requires more than words. It requires that most elusive of things in a democracy: Unity. Unity.”

The Senate will now have to divert time and resources to the trial, interfering with efforts to pass coronavirus relief.

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  1. They who seek to conquer by dividing from within to allow to be conquered, by imperialist globalist communist capitalist socialist ABSOLUTE TOTALITARIANISTS never seek unity .Their power comes from keeping the people divided and only unified into compartmentalised manageable little cells they call ” communities “. A global beehive ,in effect of prisons marketed as freedom liberty equality with one Queen Bee and her drones and then her workers Just like ants in a nest .All structured like a commune Insect style politics .

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