German Man Dead For Only One Week Found ‘Mummified’

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Manfred Fritz Bajorat-fisherman-phillippines

Manfred Fritz Bajorat, a German sailor was identified from documents found on his yacht where his “mummified” body was also found. After an autopsy, it was declared that he had only been dead for about one week.

The yacht named “Sayo,” was discovered by a fishermen in the southern Philippines, about sixty miles off the coast of Barabo. Bajorat was reported to have been sailing all over the world for twenty years. He apparently had not been seen since 2009, though a friend had reported hearing from Bajorat via Facebook in 2015.

And while it is not clear exactly why or how Manfred Fritz Bajorat’s body came to be in the state is was in so quickly, some believe that dry, salty conditions created the right atmosphere to “mummify” his body.

Based on the position of his body, it is probable that his death happened suddenly and unexpectedly, such as by cardiac arrest.

Warning: The Image Below may be disturbing to some


Manfred Fritz Bajorat's mummified body
Manfred Fritz Bajorat’s mummified body