Flashback: Nasty Nancy Praised Capitol Storming as ‘Impressive Show of Democracy’

Fact checked
Pelosi previously praised Capitol stormers as impressive show of democracy

After condemning the storming of the U.S. Capitol building on January 6, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s hypocritical comments from 2011 have now come back to haunt her.

Following the 2011 invasion of the GOP-led Wisconsin State Capitol, Rep. Pelosi went on record praising the storming as an “impressive show of democracy in action.”

Shortly after the storming of the Capitol earlier this month, Pelosi introduced the second impeachment against President Trump for “inciting” the violence.

However, ten years earlier, unions stormed stormed the Madison, WI State Capitol, much to Pelosi’s delight.

The invasion was an attempt to block a vote on collective bargaining reform.

Thousands of demonstrators illegally entered the building by violently breaking down doors and breaking windows.

The attack garnered much praise from Pelosi and other senior Democrats at the time. 

Foxnews.com reports: The occupiers were praised publically by Pelosi for their “impressive show of democracy in action.” The House Speaker took to Twitter to express her “solidarity” with the activists as they attacked the Capitol, and sent senators into hiding until police managed to remove them from the building.  

Fox News contributor Mark Thiessen highlighted Pelosi’s previous remarks in a column for the Washington Post earlier this month, oberving that “in other words, Democrats were for occupying capitols before they were against it.”


  1. Course its total f×××ing hypocrisy Rhere while Creation birthed in the CRIM7NAL storming if the Bastille And every murderous slaughter if every innocent man woman and child that followed along with the complete HYPICRISY by the rule if law to corrupt the standing government and criminalise the very Authority that gave them a t legal power in the first place The rule of law WERE THE TRAITORS GUILTY OF HIGH TREASON SEDITION in the first place They legalised the murders and robberies if violent and sadistic criminals as they have always done when they stand to benefit the most from it .

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