WEF Orders Govt’s To Burn Millions of Bees To Usher In ‘Global Famine’

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World governments have been ordered to crack down on honey bees as the globalist elite escalate the war on farmers and prepare the groundwork for the devastating global famine that insiders have warned us about.

World governments have been ordered to crack down on honey bees as the globalist elite escalate the war on farmers and prepare the groundwork for the devastating global famine that insiders have warned us about.

Beekeepers around the world are reporting that government officials are visiting farms and destroying healthy bee colonies without cause and without testing for the diseases they claim they are restricting.

This blatant assault on our food system is the strongest indication yet of the elite’s resolve to intentionally design a worldwide famine, enabling them to seize tyrannical control over humanity.

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No farmers equals no food, and as bee expert Tomasz Kiljanek from the National Veterinary Research Institute explains, bees are an integral part of the agricultural process. In short, no bees equals no crops.

“Bee health is a matter of public concern—bees are considered critically important for the environment and agriculture by pollinating more than 80% of crops and wild plants,” warns Kiljanek.

The global elite have been waging war on agriculture for the last few years, driving up prices and increasing food insecurity, and now they have now extended the front to include honey bees.

As ever, when the WEF says jump, our friends in Australia and New Zealand say how high.

A leading New Zealand beekeeper has been ordered to burn millions of healthy bees because the national management agency claims they found spores that were well below infection levels and showed no signs of disease.

He has now lost millions of dollars, decades of work, and the New Zealand food supply is more insecure than ever before.

It’s not only New Zealand. Compliant world governments all over the globe are cracking down on bees.

Australian beekeepers are up in arms, warning that the federal government are actively destroying bee colonies as part of the war against farmers.

Ultimately, the goal is to disrupt food chains and gain total control over the population by seizing control of the food supply and the means of production and distrubution.

“They come here, they’ve got their petrol, they are pouring it into the hives,” explained an Australian beekeeper.

“They are doing it to wipe our your pollination. They don’t care about you. They care about money. They care about destroying us.”

If waging war on honey bees sounds absurd, remind yourself that the elite are also chopping down millions of hectares of forest in North America to “fight climate change,” and legislating farmers out of existence in Europe.

If you are trying to understand the logic behind these maneuvers, you should stop right now.

To the elite, bad equals good. And we have now reached the phase of their master plan where they are rubbing our faces in it while laying the groundwork to usher in a devastating global famine.

The global elites are planning another false flag worse than 9/11 according to a World Economic Forum insider who claims the “systemic shock” caused by a “global famine” will allow the elite to usher in mechanisms granting them tyrannical control over humanity.

Preparations for the elite’s false flag and power grab are underway and if you have been paying attention you can already see evidence of the deception everywhere you look.

Bill Gates, a man who has a self-confessed hatred of trees, has become America’s largest farm owner. Globalist billionaires including Mark Zuckerberg are urgently building vast underground bunkers and Elon Musk has warned something big is on the horizon.

It remains to be seen if the X CEO understands the gravity of the situation.

The Russia-Ukraine war and its impact on fertilizers and grain supplies and the anti-WEF farmers’ protests in Europe which have disrupted supply chains have laid the groundwork for the elites to capitalize on a perfect storm of global geopolitical tensions.

As usual, the elite have left no stone unturned in their effort to unleash hell on humanity.

In news that should make your blood boil, a preparedness exercise was held in Brussels earlier this year that just so happened to envision a food shortage in Europe that sparks a major worldwide famine.

Bloomberg reported: “…over two days in central Brussels last month, some 60 European Union and government officials, food security experts, industry representatives and a few journalists gathered to confront the possibility of something barely on the radar a few years ago: a full-blown food crisis.”

Make no mistake, the possibility is firmly on the radar now.

Piotr Magnuszewski, a systems modeler and game designer who helped put the EU conference wargame together told participants to “Expect a level of chaos” and warned, “You may be confused at times and not have enough information.”

The elite learned their lesson from 9/11 and the Covid plandemic and they are not planning to allow independent media to expose their agenda, or ordinary people to speak their mind on social media, ever again.

According to Bill Gates, the “lessons learned” strongly lean towards a much stronger stance against so-called “misinformation” than during the Covid pandemic.

How does this play out in the real world?

If you use social media, you are already experiencing it. Citizen journalism and truth telling accounts have been throttled as the elite quietly crack down on accounts that are sharing information they deem unacceptable.

It means there will be even more censorship and suppression of free speech by the next false flag is rolled out.

The elite know that we, the people, have seen through their deception and we are rising up against them in our millions.

They also know that we understand that their so-called preparedness exercises are full-dress rehearsals for their false flags.

It couldn’t be much more obvious.

Remember “Event 201”? A preparedness exercise featuring a coronavirus pandemic, conducted in October 2019 under the watchful eye of the World Economic Forum and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and involving the usual suspects including the World Health Organization, China’s CDC, and Anthony Fauci.

The timing was exquisite, and the COVID-19 pandemic started within months of the exercise, going on to play out exactly as the elite gathered at Event 201 predicted it would.

So we really should be paying attention to what they were planning at the preparedness exercise in Brussels in February.

Here are the six most disturbing future events outlined in detail by the global elite during their wargaming event.

First, the elite have been building up to this moment since the dying days of the Covid plandemic.

Bill Gates suddenly moved into farming, quickly becoming America’s biggest landowner. And we have been dealing with a spate of food production fires across the US and Europe, placing stress on the supply chain.

Second, they are planning to engineer harvest failures.

“And so, it’s 2025 and there are more harvest failures,” the report states. “They impact animal feed prices, which curbs livestock and fish production. Some ships carrying crops turn away from Europe to cater to higher bidders elsewhere.”

Anyone who has been listening to the protesting European farmers will understand that the upcoming famine is being engineered by the elites as we speak.

The WEF’s green agenda policies, adopted by EU states, are driving farmers out of business.

Third, they are planning to cut palm oil exports and blame conspiracy theorists for the fallout.

“Asia’s palm oil export limits are now reducing supplies of daily staples from margarine to bread. Allegations of corporate greed, disinformation and conspiracy theories are spreading.”

Of course, the elite are already planning to blame so-called conspiracy theorists for the global food shortage.

Fourth, they are planning to exacerbate the fertilizer shortage even more, causing grocery prices to skyrocket

“The cost of fertilizers and energy needed to grow crops and keep glasshouses running soared in the wake of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.”

When they aren’t blaming so-called conspiracy theorists for the global famine, they are going to blame Putin, their favorite boogeyman.

Fifth, they are planning to stoke widespread chaos in the streets

“Things unravel further later in 2025,” the report warns. “Thieves are looting supermarkets. Police struggle to contain riots spreading in cities. People in Germany can’t find fish and meat at grocery stores. Livestock farmers are going bankrupt.”

The global elite have earmarked 2025 for full societal breakdown in Europe as ordinary people starve to death and lash out at those who have subjected them to food shortages and open-air prisons.

And sixth, they are preparing to deal with widespread anger directed at the elites

“Meanwhile, the public’s focus shifts to profiteering by commodity traders. Small farms fall like dominoes, while attacks on immigrants begin to become more widespread.”

It’s time to understand the elites are waging a spiritual war against humanity.

When Jesus resisted earthly temptation, Satan took things to a spiritual level: He offered him all of the kingdoms of the world … but only if he bowed down to him.

And that’s exactly what is happening to us, right now. We are being “tempted” by the Satanic elite to bow down to evil in every way possible.

Two of the biggest musical hits of last year were Sam Smith’s Unholy and Doja Cat’s Paint the Town Red. These two extremely catchy songs were all about bowing down to evil.

Both of these songs were aggressively drilled into young people’s minds through elite-owned platforms such as TikTok.

The elite are desperate for us to take our eyes off the prize and forget what is important in this world.

But thanks to people like yourself, more and more people are hearing the truth, waking up and seeing the global elite for what they have always been: deranged psychopaths intent on domination and destruction.

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