Australian Gov. Jails Man For 4 Months,Turns Out His “Drugs” Were Just SALT

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The growing global police state continues to show itself, this time in Australia.  A man from Queensland was thrown into prison for 4 MONTHS for possession of crystal meth.  Now, he has been freed.  Why?  It turned out that the “crystal meth” was nothing but salt – yes, salt – like salt and pepper.  


The man, from Maryborough, was arrested after police found the white substance, which they suspected of being methyl-amphetamine  in his car during a routine check.

He was detained for four months while police tested the substance.

But charges were dropped when the tests revealed the substance was just Epsom salt, reports the Fraser Coast Chronicle.

The man’s lawyer, Travis George, said the length of time the man spent behind bars was likely due to his previous criminal convictions.

But the blunder has prompted fresh criticism of the Queensland health department’s Forensic and Scientific Services, which has previously been accused of delays in returning forensic tests.

A Maryborough magistrate, John Smith, said: “For the last 14 years nothing has been done (about the delays) … once again the government needs to have a look at what they are doing in relation to this”.

But Queensland Health denied there were delays in forensic testing.

“Urgent cases are completed within the time frame required by the police and the courts,” a department spokeswoman told the Fraser Coast Chronicle.

The spokeswoman added the centre was constantly assessing the evidence testing process to improve turnaround times.

“All forensic testing performed at FSS is prioritised daily with police and the courts,” she said.

“The time taken to bring a drug case to court is dependent on many factors.”

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